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Campus Map
Find Your Way Around Campus

Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes


Chapter 1: Overview


Mission, Benchmarks and Student Learning Outcomes

Student Activities Funding Source

Students Report to

Role of ASCC

SMCCD Board Policy 2.18 Student Participation in District and College Governance

Chapter 2: Forming a Student Run Club

Student Eligibility  Requirements to be part of a Student Club at Cañada

Student Eligibility  Requirements to be part of ASCC at Cañada

Students under the age of 18

District Wide Policies for Cañada College Student Clubs and AS

ASCC Bylaws Article 1. ASCC Recognized Student Organizations

Chapter 3: Club Advisor

Finding a Faculty or Staff Advisor

Purpose of Faculty or Staff Advisor

Responsibilities and Advice for your Club Advisor

Liability for Advisors

Chapter 4: Club Officers

Club Executive Officer Positions & Responsibilities

Steps for Electing Officers

Example of a Club Meeting's Agenda handout (coming soon)

Example of a Club Meeting's Minutes handout (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on ways to be a success club

Chapter 5: Planning Student Run Events at Cañada College

Guidelines for Student Sponsored Events at Cañada College

Reserving College Facilities

Guidelines for Food-Related Events and Sales

Check List for Bar-B-Que Handout (Coming soon)

Event Check List Handout (coming soon)

Chapter 6: Requesting, Fundraising, and Spending Club Money

Receiving Money from the ASCC   

Requesting Money from the ASCC

Reserving a Cash Box/Depositing Money

Depositing Money

Examples of what forms to complete when spending club money

Fundraising Polices On and Off Campus

SMCCD Board Policy 8.38 Gifts and Donations

Raffles and Drawings

Chapter 7: Student Sponsored Traveled

Travel Polices at Cañada College

SMCCD Board Policy 6.45   Field Trips and Excursions link (Coming soon)

SMCCD Board Policy 8.45   Transportation on District-Sponsored Activities link (Coming soon)

SMCCD Board Policy 8.47   Student/Travel Tours link (Coming soon)

SMCCD Board Policy 8.55   Conference Attendance and Travel link (Coming soon)

Chapter 8: Time Place and Manner-Advertising on Campus

Center for Student Life and Leadership at Cañada College Campus Posting Policy handout (Coming soon)

Chapter 9: Forms (coming soon)