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Chapter 3: Club Advisor

Finding a Faculty or Staff Advisor

To assist you in selecting an advisor, the following suggestions may help. You may want to contact an instructor who shares the club’s interests and goals.
For example, The Performing Arts Club may seek an advisor who is a member of the Fine and Performing Arts Department. Students can visit the Student Activities Center and put in a request for an advisor.

A full / part-time faculty or full-time staff advisor is required for all student clubs or organizations. Temporary or hourly staff cannot serve as club advisors.

Purpose of Faculty and Staff Advisor

An advisor serves as a guide and advocate for the club members.
An advisor helps the club to achieve the purpose for which it was organized.
An advisor understands college policies affecting such groups; and, hence, can assist students in realizing the objectives of their group.

Responsibilities and Advice for Club Advisor:

  • An advisor must be a full-time staff or faculty member of Cañada College. An advisor can only advise 2 clubs at time.
  • Advisors are required to attend all club meetings when the club meets on campus and when they meet off campus.
  • Advisors must attend on and off-campus club sponsored activities and events.
  • Advisors must sign all facilities and ASCC requisition forms.
  • Advisors are welcome to consult with the Coordinator of Student Activities regarding any questions, concerns or problems regarding club activities or events.

Liability for Advisors

Club Advisors are liable for

  • Club financials and making sure the students pay their bills on time.
  • The safety of the club members when driving the college van.
  • Student behavior during the use of college facilities during meetings, events and when traveling to conferences, tournaments, etc..