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中国 (Chinese)             Español (Spanish)           Türk (Turkish)          Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Cañada College is a community college located in Redwood City, California between the vibrant city of San Francisco and the high-tech city of San Jose.  The College offers associate degree programs in a wide range of majors that allow students to transfer to 4-year universities including within the University of California, California State University system, and other California and out-of-state private universities.

Cañada College serves approximately 6,500 students each semester and has modern classrooms and science labs.  Our Associate to Bachelor ProgramCareer Center, Learning CenterLibrarySTEM Center, and University Center provides additional academic support to all students including peer-tutoring and workshops on improving study skills and academic writing.  Students are highly encouraged to meet with an academic counselor through the Counseling Center and Transfer Center every semester, to ensure successful completion and transfer.  Our small community provides a friendly and student-centered learning environment.


The International Student Center (ISC) provides individualized services to international students, so they can achieve their personal, educational, and professional goals.  ISC also promotes understanding and respect for diverse perspectives by providing college-wide opportunities for community engagement and cultural exchange.  To apply for admission and learn more visit the San Mateo Community College District International Student Website.


1. International students will understand and maintain their F-1 immigration rights and responsibilities.

2. International students will increase their knowledge of services and tools available to reach their educational goal (complete a program of study and/or transfer to a 4-year college/university).

3. International students will become an active member of the Cañada College community.



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