International students must show proof of at least $32,000 per academic year (10 months) to finance the cost of tuition, fess, and living expenses. Overall, community colleges are more affordable than 4-year colleges/universities.

Estimated expenses include: International student tuition and enrollment fees (based on F-1 status minimum of 12 units; students may register for more), health insurance, student health center and representation fees (per semester), books/supplies, transportation, room and board, and miscellaneous expenses. Find a list of tuition and fees on the Student Fees website.  

Students with dependents (spouse or child) must show an additional $5,000 for one dependent and $2,000 for each additional dependent.

Cost Breakdown

Total $15,975 $32,000
Expenses Semester Year
*Tuition (12 units @ $359 per unit) $4,308 $8,616
*Enrollment Fee (12 units @ $46 per unit) $552 $1,104
*Health Insurance (different rates for Fall & Spring) $1,194 (Fall $995 /Spring &
Summer $1,393)
Living Expenses (based on a shared room with meals for 10 months in the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley Homestay Program.) $6,875 $13,750
**Other $3,046 $6,142

Line Item Summary of Costs

Total $3,046 $6,142
International Program Expenses Semester Year
Application Fee (non-refundable, one-time fee) N/A $50
Books and Supplies $500 $1,000
Local Public Transportation $500 $1,000
Miscellaneous $2,046 $4,092

 *Fees charged directly by the College. Fees subject to change. 

Health Insurance

All F-1 international students are required to have full health insurance coverage. F-1 students must be prepared to purchase the health insurance plan sponsored by the District. For more information about health insurance coverage, please visit: www.4studenthealth.com, and select "Canada College".


Cañada College does not offer on-campus housing.  Below is a list of housing resources. New students should secure housing before arriving in the U.S. and plan to arrive at least two weeks before the start of the semester to attend the New International Student Orientation and to adjust to the surrounding areas.

SMCCCD Homestay Referral Program  

SMCCCD provides international students with assistance in finding safe and affordable housing located near the campuses and public transportation. Housing options include private and shared home stays (as available). Shared homestays are with other international students from the college. Interested students should contact the SMCCCD Housing Coordinator at 1-650-358-6856 or housingcoordinator@smccd.edu. For more information, visit the Homestay Program page.

Cañada College Housing Board

The Cañada College Housing Board allows students and community members to list available rooms for rent or students seeking roommates. Other housing resources can also be found on the Housing Board that is located next to the Center for Student Life & Leadership Development in Building 5, Room 354. To view the Housing Board and to request to add a listing, visit the Student Life website.

Books and Supplies

International students may be surprised of the cost of textbooks in the U.S. and that is why you must show available funds for books and supplies as well. The Cañada College Bookstore sells all the textbooks and supplies needed for every class.  You may purchase new or used books and rent them for a per unit fee as well.


Cañada College offers some scholarships for international students based on student's financial need and academic achievements. Students can apply for the Cañada College scholarships during the spring semester. Financial aid from the federal and state government is available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents only.