Academic Programs & Resources

Important Dates & Resources

  Academic Calendar   

A summary of important academic dates.

  Catalog & Schedule   

Digital versions of the college’s course catalog and semester schedules.

  Degrees & Certificates   

A list of all Associate Degrees and Certificates of Achievement available.

  Online Degrees & Certificates   

A list of Degrees and Certificates that can be completed fully online.

  Final Exam Schedule   

The current semester’s final exam schedule.

Primary Academic Support Services

  Disability Resource Center (DRC)   

Virtual hub for the college’s Disability Resource Center (DRC).

  Learning Center   

Virtual home of peer and professional tutoring, workshops, and technological support for students.

  Academic Counseling   

Counseling services for Academics, Transfer, & Career. Set up a virtual or in-person appointment.

  Interest Areas   

Interest Areas are groups of similar programs of study. Explore careers and program requirements in each group.

Office of Instruction