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  • UC Admission Application for Fall 2023 opened on August 1st, and the submission period is from October 1st to November 30th 
  • CSU admission application period for: Fall 2023 is between October 1st to November 30th
  • UC and CSU application update period is in the month of January 2023. 
  • Some CSU campuses require students to complete a Supplemental application in January 2023.
  • March 2nd is the deadline to apply to Financial Aid.

Contact us, if you have any Transfer related questions or would like to schedule an appointment with the Transfer Center.  

Transfer Center virtual Hours:
  • M-Th:   9:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m.
  • Fri:        9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Welcome! Cañada College Transfer Center is to assist you with your transition to university life by providing programs, and services.

At the Transfer Center, our goal is to support you to reach your transfer goal, and will assist you with selecting universities of your choice, exploring your major, learning about the academic requirements, admission policies, college costs and expenses, housing, scholarships, and other transfer matters through workshops, and counseling sessions.

From here you can go anywhere!

Plan early!!Select your major, explore your options to find the university of your choice, plan your coursework, and your finances. 

     Transfer Options                Applying to Universities

 Transfer Center

Transfer Program and Services

Making Connection with Universities

Summer and Fall 2022 Information

You may schedule to meet with a  university representative, or an admission adviser, use the virtual services, and/or schedule to meet with them in-person.

Please check this site periodically for up-to-date information.

Transfer Center Workshops and Drop-in Sessions

 Summer and Fall 2022 Schedule

These workshops and drop-in sessions are to inform you of transfer matters and to assist you developing an effective transfer plan, as well as answering your questions as you are preparing to transfer. 

These will take place virtually on the zoom. The zoom links to the workshops are listed in the schedule. 

Transfer Center Events: 

  • Fall 2022 Transfer Day -  October 18th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. - a list of colleges and universities will be available in early  September
  • Students Achievements Recognition Reception

Events and Presentations Provided by Universities

Summer and Fall 2022 Events by Universities

Every semester, universities offer events in support of transfer students to connect them with programs and services at the universities, support them with their transition to a university, and answer any questions students may have.




The following are resources provided by the Transfer Center that may include: transfer flyers and resources with the information that assists you with the transfer process:

  • ASSIST.ORG - is an online tool that assist you finding required courses for your major at CSU and UC campuses and the equivalent  of those courses at Community College. It will  also help you to find a list of Transferrable courses to CSU and UC, as will as courses that can fulfill the General Education requirements.
  • ASSIST Tutorials - this online tutorials will guide you to navigate ASSIST.org website.
  • ASSIST Brochure is another source guiding you to use the ASSIST, an online tool. 
  • UC transfer Pathway Guide - this tool provides you with single set of courses as a roadmap to  specific major that prepares students for all UC campuses.   These roadmaps only applies to 20 majors.  

Please click on Sign-up to access workshops to access resources below:

PowerPoint of the Workshops:

  • Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)/Impaction
  • Common Application
  • CSU Admission Application - (PowerPoint)
  • Financial Aid Information for transfer students
  • Financial Aid - Interpreting Award Letters
  • Financial Aid - Interpreting Award Letters (Recording)
  • "Next Steps" after Submitting an Application
  • Transfer Process
  • UC Admission Application
  • UC Personal Insight Questions (PIQ)
  • UC Transfer Planner (TAP) to UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) - This will review the TAG requirements and guide you to complete TAP/TAG Application

Videos on completing Applications:

  • CSU Application Guide - Videos
  • CSU Admission Application - Creating an Account, profile and select a program (Video by San Diego State University)
  • CSU Admission Application - Personal Information Quadrant (Video by San Diego State University)
  • CSU Admission Application - Entering Academic History part 1 - adding high school and Colleges attended (Video by San Diego State University)
  • CSU Admission Application - Entering Academic History part 2 - entering college courses (Video by San Diego State University)
  • CSU Admission Application - Entering Academic History part 3 - entering standardized test and Military credits (Video by San Diego State University)
  • CSU Admission Application - Supporting information, Program Materials, and submitting the application (Video by San Diego State University)
  • CSU Admission Application - EOP Application (Video by CAL Poly SLO)
  • CSU application update - guideline to update your CSU application after submitting your application before CSU review it.
  • CSU Long Beach - Supplemantal Application Help Guide
  • San Jose State University Supplemetal Application Help Guide
  • UC Application - How to Complete UC Application - YouTube playlist Videos
  • UC - Transfer Academic Update (TAU) - 5 minute Video