Request A Transcript

We can send your Official or Unofficial transcript to the recipient that you list on your request from.  The difference between these two types of transcripts are:

  • Official Transcript  will be signed, sealed, and sent directly from the Admissions Office at Cañada College 
  • Unofficial Transcript, is a printout of your records without college's official signature, and you can print it yourself

The following are some of the reasons that you must request an Official Transcript:

  • Transfer your credits to other colleges and universities
    • You have applied as new student to a university or transferring to another community College
    • You have attended at Cañada College temporarily to take courses toward degree at another College or university
    • Seeking for employment - some employers may require official transcript as part of the application pact
  • Scholarship - although some organization may accept an Unofficial copy of your transcript, but mostly the y ask for official copy.  you may check their instruction.

You may need a copy of your Unofficial Transcript to:

  • Complete an application for admission, UC TAG, etc.
  • Review your coursework with your counselor and/or university representatives and plan your courses and transfer
  • Scholarship application

To order an official transcript, go to WEBSMART,

  • Sign in with your user ID and password
  • Under Student Services click on Student Record
  • Click on Request Official Transcript
  • Follow the instruction to “Order” your transcript

This online tool also allows you to request Certification of CSU GE Breadth or IGETC certification, which will be attached to your transcript.  You may request one of the following options for General Education Breadth certification:

  • CSU - General Education Certification for CSU System
  • IGETC-CSU - (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) Certification for CSU system
  • IGETC-UC - (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) Certification for UC system

For certification, Area 6 of IGETC requires verification of Language Other Than English (LOTE).  If you completed Language other than English by taking language courses in high school, or by taking AP/IB exam, or by any other available options, you must submit an official copy of your high school transcript, AP/IB test results, or other proper documents to the Admissions Office as soon as possible, before requesting IGETC certification.

Pay the fee (if applicable) - The first 2 copies are free of charge and thereafter $5.00 for each copy.  There are extra charges for expediting your request. 

If you have completed your degree and and/or Certificate, you may also use this tool to request your diploma, if applicable.

To request an unofficial transcript, go to WEBSMART,

  • Sign in with your user ID and password
  • Under Student Services click on Student Record
  • Click on Request Unofficial Transcript
  • provide your email address 
  • confirm your email address by clicking on "Email Transcript" Button
  • Your request is complete and a PDF copy of your transcript will be sent to your Email immediately.

There is no charge for Unofficial copies.

How much does it cost to send an official transcript?

The first two copies are free of charge, thereafter $5 each.  it costs more to  expedite your request. 

How long does it take to send  an Official Copy of my Transcript?

It take 5 to 10 working days.  You may check with the admissions Office for more information.

Can email my Official transcript?

Yes, however, it must be sent by the Admissions Office to be considered as Official transcript.  To send it via email:

  • Follow the steps of requesting an Official transcript
  • In the "Recipient  Address" section, you may scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Select “Manually”
  • Enter the email address in the box 
  • Continue to submit your request

I am no longer attending Cañada College, do i have access to WEBSMART to request an Official transcript?

If you are not taking courses at any of the three colleges in San Mateo County District, you may request your official transcript by using this link.