Out of State University Information

You can transfer to any four-year university in the United States, and receive credits for the courses that you have completed at Cañada College.  However, since there is a limited or no formal articulation agreements between Out of State Universities and California Community Colleges, it is highly recommended to meet with your counselor to plan your courses and to develop your transfer plan.


To Transfer to an Out-of -State University, you may consider taking the following steps to be prepared:

  • Explore the Academics webpage of the university to find whether they offer your major.
    • Learn about the courses needed for that major
    • Look for the policy for transferring credits from other colleges and universities
  • Check their Admission webpage to find: 
    • The admission requirements such as GPA, and application deadline, etc.

    • Number of units that you must complete before transferring as a Transfer student

    • the selection criteria such as major preparation and General Education Courses. 
    • The application procedures
  • Meet with your counselor to discuss your plan and map out your courses , and at least once a semester review your plan to adjust you plan if needed in case of any changes at the university or articulation agreements. 
  • Find the cost of attendance and explore financial aid and scholarship availability

As part of preparation,  you may also evaluate the cost of your move to another state, and plan ahead as how, when, and where you will move to before the term starts.

A formal Articulation Agreement makes the transfer process easier as the university made a pre-evaluation of the courses offered at Colleges and, identified equivalent of those courses with the courses offered at their own institution.  Cañada College has articulation agreements with some of the out of state universities.  The universities listed below are examples of these agreements:

You may find additional information at the Articulation page under the Transfer Center website.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is an agreement among 16 members of the Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education (WICHE) to reduce the non-resident tuition fees. This will allow students to save for a year before establishing their residency to that state if they choose to. There are about 160 public colleges and universities that are participating in this program.  However, all majors/programs within individual institutions may not participate.

You may explore and identify the participant universities that offer your major at https://www.wscuc.org/directory/programs/, and use the information to compare the programs and requirements. 

To explore the undergraduate programs that may offer the tuition saving visit https://www.wiche.edu/tuition-savings/wue/wue-savings-finder/.

To apply to Out-of State Universities, you may Complete "Common Application". This application, allows you to apply to several universities by completing one application.  Some universities may use application developed by their own individual campus that can be accessed from their website.

List of universities that are using Common application for admission can be found under "Explore" tab on the main page.  

Out-of -State universities may require additional documents/materials for admission. Please note that these requirements may vary campus to campus:

    • Personal Statement/Essay - topics varies 
    • Supplemental application
    • College Report - to verify your academic and disciplinary status at the current college
    • Transcripts - your academic records form all colleges and universities attended
    • Letter of Recommendation(s)
    • SAT/ACT test - some campuses require at least one of these tests from college students even they have a junior status 

If you applied to out-of state Universities, you may be required to submit a “College Report” as part of the Common Application. College Report is  a report to verify  your enrollment, academic, and disciplinary status. 

To submit this form, you need to:

  • Complete  the “Request Form” 
  • Download the College Report form from your Common Application
  • Complete the student's section and sign it 
  • Submit both forms to the Admissions Office at Cañada College in-person (Building 9, First Floor), or via email at canadaadmissions@smccd.edu.  

Based on your request, we will mail or email the “College Report” form to the universities.