Private University Information

There are  89 Private and Independent Universities in California that are non-profit and accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). They are part of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU).

Many of them have articulation and/or partnership with California Community Colleges.  Their Admission policies and accepting Community College credits/units vary by each university.  Fo this reason, it might be more challenging to plan and prepare for all universities of your choice.  So, it is highly recommended to meet with a counselor to explore the universities polices and requirements to plan your transfer and courses.

The information below will provide information assist you with planning and process of transferring to one of the AICCU institutions.


In the link below, will give you access to "Transfer Guide", a booklet that publishes annually to provide the following information about the California Private and Independent Non-profit universities:

  • A list of the private universities in California and the university's  profile
  • Admission requirements such as GPA, unit and test requirements
  • Admission contact information

California's Independent Colleges and Universities Transfer Guide2022-23

These Universities offer many programs.  This online tool,, will allow you to explore,and identify the campus that offers your major.  You may use  the information you gather to compare the programs and their requirements.

Over 60 campuses have articulation agreements with California Community College (CCC).   Regardless of exiting official articulation agreement or not, you may work with your counselor to identify the required courses for your program.  You may have opportunities to transfer your credits to these institutions. 

This is a list of universities who have official articulation agreements:

Many of AICCU institutions have commitment to accept the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) pathway. However, the ADT pathway to a California State University (CSU) is slightly different from the ADT pathways to AICCUs.  

While ADT pathway applies to all 23 CSU campuses, at AICCUs ADT Pathways applies only to individual institution.  For this reason, students who meet the admission requirements to AICCU, the ADT will be unique to  the individual AICCU campus.  


The ADT Commitment at AICCU institution includes:
  • Guaranteed admission for the ADT students meeting admission requirements;
  • Guarantees a minimum of 60 semester/90 quarter units will transfer;
  • Guarantees the student starts with junior standing.

For a full list of AICCU ADT Participating Institutions and majors accepted, click here. 


To learn more about the ADT and its majors and degrees, go to

To apply to Independent and Private Universities you may use "Common Application". This application, allows you to apply to several universities by completing one application. Some universities may use application developed by their own individual campus that can be accessed from their website.

The list of universities that are using Common Application for admission can be found under the "Explore" tab on the main page.  

Private universities may require additional documents/materials for admission.  Please note that these requirements may vary campus to campus:

    • Personal Statement/Essay - topics varies 
    • Supplemental application
    • College Report - to verify your academic and disciplinary status at the current college
    • Transcripts - your academic records form all colleges and universities attended
    • Letter of Recommendation(s)
    • SAT/ACT test - some campuses require at least one of these tests from college students even they have a junior status 
    • Other - this depends on major, for example, students with Art or Graphic Design major may require to submit a portfolio.

If you applied to a Private Universities, you may be required to submit a “College Report” as part of the Common Application for admission purposes.  College Report is  report to verify  your enrollment, academic, and disciplinary status. 

To submit this form, you need to:

  • Complete  the “Request Form” 
  • Download the College Report form from your Common Application
  • Complete the student's section and sign it 
  • Submit both forms to the Admissions Office at Cañada College in-person (Building 9, First Floor), or via email at  

Based on your request, we will mail or email the “College Report” form to the universities.  

In this document you will have a list of private universities accepting pass grade:

Each university has own General education breadth.  However,  some of the private universities will accept IGETC in lieu of their own lower division General Education Breadth.  Please check with the individual institution.  

you may find a list of universities here.

Here is where you can find the location of campuses on California map: