Associate Degree For Transfer

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) is acollege degree with one set of courses that fulfills the General Education (GE) and major preparation courses that prepares students to transfer to multiple CSU's and some California private and out-of-state institutions.

The ADT degrees developed based on the Senate Bill (SB) 1440 that creates an opportunity for transfer students to complete an Associate Degree and transfer requirements at the same time. Upon successful completion of the courses students will be awarded an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT).

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Completion of an ADT is not required to transfer.  However, if we offer an ADT in your major, it will be beneficial to complete it before transferring. In addition to obtaining a degree from a community college, students may receive benefits through the admission process. Some of the benefits of completing an ADT prior to transfer for the following universities are:

  • California State University (CSU)
    • Priority admission to some CSU campuses- this may vary year to year*
    • Guaranteed admission to a CSU campus* - this may not be your campus choice
    • Automatic CSU GE Breadth/IGETC for CSU Certification
    • A GPA index bump – for example: 3.0 to 3.1
    • Facilitate the transfer process to a CSU campus where there is no articulation agreement for major courses
    • Redirections – if student meets the minimum admissions, but s not accepted to the CSU campus of choice, their application may be redirected to another CSU application
    • Special advising at the toward completion of Bachelor's Degree at the CSU campus

* CSU campus may not consider the above benefits, if the campus and/or program are impacted.  You may find a list impacted programs and majors at CSU campuses at CSU Website.

Similar Major:  to receive the above benefits for a CSU Campus, the major must be deemed to be similar to the major at the CSU campus you are applying to. You may find the similar programs at CSU campuses at

More information about the ADT is available at the Cal State Apply website.

  • University of California
    • The completion of an ADT will be considered in their Admission comprehensive review
  • Private and Out-Of-State Universities –you need to contact the individual campuses for the
    • Some of the universities offer priority admission
    • Some universities may offer Scholarships

You may find a list of these colleges that are accepting ADT here.

In order for CSU campuses to offer an admission benefit, the ADT programs at California Community Colleges must be deemed to be similar to the programs at a CSU campus.  You may use the CSU campus and major search engine to find whether your program at a California Community College considers it to be a similar program to CSU program.

Students may also complete an Associate Degree (AS or AA) degree before transferring to a four-year university.  However, may not receive the above benefits due to the differences between these programs:

Associate Degree in Art (AA)

Associate Degree in Science (AS)

Associate Degree for Transfer

  • 60 degree applicable units (all courses may not be transferrable)
  • 21 units of Cañada General Education (GE) Breadth
  • 2 classes of activity courses
  • 50% or 12 units major course must be completed at Cañada College
  • 60 transferrable units (all degree applicable course may not transfer such as Math 190, Path to statistics)
  • 39-41 units of CSU General Education Breadth, or 37-39 units of IGETC for CSU
  • No activity courses is required
  • A minimum of 12 units must be completed at Cañada College

Note: Major course requirements may not be the same under the AS/AS and ADT.  However, both type of degrees require a minimum GPA of 2.0 at the time of graduation.

To complete an ADT program, students must complete 60 CSU transferrable units that includes:

  • CSU General Education Breadth or IGETC for CSU
  • Course requirements for specified majors, all must be completed with C or higher
  • Elective units – additional transferrable units to meet the 60 units if needed
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 at the time of graduation
  • Successfully complete at least 12 units of the 60 transferrable units at Cañada College to meet the unit residency requirement.

ADT worksheet  is a summary of the requirements listed above.

To receive a degree whether it is an Associate degree or Associate Degree for Transfer, students must file a degree petition regardless of your transfer status. To do so, you must:

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor to review your eligibility
  • Submit an official copy of your transcript(s) from other colleges and universities (if applicable) to the Admissions Office at Cañada College 
  • Submit official AP and/or IB test scores directly from College Board to the Admissions Office (if applicable)
  • Request evaluation of in-coming transcript(s) from the Transcript Evaluation Services (TES) – if applicable
  • If eligible, counselor will file your degree petitions online

The deadline to file degree petition for an ADT is usually in early February in Spring term and early October in Fall term.

The deadline to file your degree petition for ADT in this fall is Friday, October7th, 2022.

To receive admission benefits to a CSU campus, you must declare that you have or will complete an ADT at a community college.  There are three spots on the CSU application that you must enter the ADT information:

  • Under the extended profile – before starting the application you need to complete your profile that includes the ADT status:
    • Check the box that states” Transferring with an ADT”
    • Enter the college that you have/will complete an ADT,
    • Enter your major

Note: If you have completed an Associate degree, you may choose the option of “transferring from a Community College".

You may meet with a counselor to review your coursework for completion of an ADT.  If you are qualified, you must file a degree petition also.

  • Under the Colleges attended in the Academic history section - you may provide a list of all degrees you will obtain in this section including ADT and Associate degree.
  • Under the “Supporting Information” section – you will need to provide more information about your ADT in this section and your Cañada College Student ID number under the “Campus Student ID Number”
  • Student must meet with a counselor to find eligibility for an ADT while completing a CSU application and to correctly report it
  • Student will submit the CSU application 
  • Once the application period closes, the CSU System Office will provide Community Colleges a list of students who self-reported an ADT.  Community Colleges must electronically verify the following: 
    • The ADT program reported by student matches the degree petition they filed at Community College
    • The term student will complete or completed the degree
  • The CSU System Office and the individual CSU campuses will notify students to meet with the community College counselor to file a degree petition.
  • Once we receive the list, we will review students' records and electronically verify:
    • If the ADT has already completed and posted  on the students transcript,  it will be verified as " completed and posted"
    • If the degree is in progress and the student has already submitted the ADT degree petition, it will be verified as "in-progress"
    • If student files the petition for the future term, it will be verified as "will complete after the current term", (students must notify the Transfer Center of the term they plan to complete the degree) 
  • We follow up with students on the list who have no degree petition on file to ensure they file ADT degree petition(s), if they are eligible. 

The ADT status will be marked as "not verified", which consequently causes students not to receive the admissions benefit:

    • If students has not filed the degree petition 
    • If the self-reported information does not match with the information we have on file.  Some examples are:
      • Report incorrect major on the CSU application - for instance, student filed petition for an Early Childhood Education program, but on the CSU application reports Child and Adolescence Development Program
      • Report wrong college - as multi-campus district students take courses at all tree colleges, and may list the degree under the in correct campus.
      • Completed an Associate Degree, but reports it as Associate Degree for Transfer
  • Once the CSU campuses receive the final verification from Community Colleges, they will make their priority admission decision.
  • The final verification of  the ADT is when students send the final transcript to the CSU campus reflecting the ADT degree is awarded

Note:  Student may receive an email or notification from CSU reminding students to submit the ADT verification. Please note that the verification will be only completed electronically.  You my use your CSU application to find whether we have already verified your ADT by:

  • Signing into the CSU Application
  • Clicking on the “check Status” tab to see the verification status of the degrees that you have reported

To receive the ADT benefits for admission to a CSU camps, students must complete all ADT requirements by the end of:

  • Spring term for Fall admission
  • Summer term for Spring admission - some campuses allow fall term prior to complete the ADT

Meet with a counselor to file a degree petition for an ADT by the given deadline.  The ADT completion status can be verified for CSU campuses only when we receive your degree petitions.  Without verification, students will not receive admission Benefits.

Whether you plan to transfer now or in the future, you must file your ADT degree petition(s) and the deadline for:

  • Spring term is the first week of February
  • Fall term is the first week of October, (fall 2022 deadline is Friday, October 7th)

Please see the academic calendar for the exact petition deadlines

In addition to the CSU campuses, some of  the California Private Independent non-profit universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Out-of State or fully online universities  signed Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with California Community Colleges that accept Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT).  A full list of these colleges and universities is available here.

What is considered Similar Major?

The faculty at each CSU campus will determine which ADT degrees are similar to degrees offered at their own campus. This may include one or more options or emphasis within the degree offered at the CSU campus or in another degree program at the CSU campus. The CSU website maintains an up-to-date list of similar degrees.


Where can I find a list of impacted CSU Campuses and/or their impacted program programs?

Visit the CSU website for impacted majors and Campuses


Will completion of an ADT satisfy all the lower division course requirements for my major?

CSU Campuses will accept an ADT for admission purposes.  However, the discipline faculty may require additional lower division courses as necessary preparation for upper division courses.  This will be determined at the time of Admission by individual CSU campus.  Regardless, students are guaranteed to complete the bachelor’s degree with no more than 60 semester units.


Can I transfer with an Associate Degree?

Yes, you may transfer with or without an Associate Degree and/or Associate Degree for Transfer.  As long as you meet the minimum admission requirements and major course preparation, you may apply to a four year university.  There is a difference between Associate Degree and Associate Degree for Transfer.  You may get admission benefit to some universities with an ADT, but not with Associate Degree.

We do not offer ADTs for all programs that we offer.  So you may complete an Associate Degree before transferring.  In the case, you don’t have to report your Associate degree on the extended profile of the CSU application.  


Am I Guaranteed Admission to CSU campuses if I compete an ADT?

Yes, you will be guaranteed to be admitted to a CSU campus, but it may not be the campus of your choice. You must also meet the additional requirements for the program such as portfolio and/or audition.


Can I get my ADT degree verified, if I forgot to report it on my CSU application?

It depends on the policy of each CSU Campus.  Most campuses only accept the electronic verification.  Some campuses may accept the hard copy of the verification.  In this case,  it is student's responsibility to:

    • Reach out to the Transfer Center at Cañada College to obtain  the hard copy of the ADT verification, and 
    • Submit a copy of the verification to each CSU campus that they have applied to


What should I do if I am not able to complete an ADT as reported on my CSU Application?

You should report of this change to each CSU campus that you have applied to.  You should also meet with your counselor at Cañada College to plan the next step to complete your degree.


I have been accepted to a CSU campus before my ADT is Verified.  Should I still file a degree petition and have my degree be verified?

Yes.  The CSU Campuses making an early decision only based on what you have reported on your CSU admission application.  This means that your admission could be contingent to completion of the ADT.  You should follow your plan to complete your degree and have your degree to be verified.


How do I find if the CSU campus I applied to accepts my ADT?

The admission and graduation benefits associated with the ADT are limited to CSU campuses that have determined their majors are 'similar' to an ADT. Similar majors may be limited to specific concentrations within each major.  To find whether the ADT is similar to the program at the CSU campus, you may go to CSU website:

You may also check CSU campus websites for updates.


Can I request another verification after my degree is awarded?

No, the degree will be posted on your transcript.  The CSU campuses will reference to your official transcript for the final ADT verification.  You may check the individual CSU campus for the deadline for the final ADT verification. 


How will my admission status be impacted if I don't complete my ADT as I reported on my CSU Application?

There is a possibility for your admission to be rescinded.  You may reach out to the CSU campus to discuss your case.


If I am not transferring at this time or not transferring to a CSU campus, do I need to verify my Degree status?

No.  If you are not transferring to a CSU campus, you do not need a verification. The process of verification of an ADT is only required by CSU campuses.   If you are not transferring to any university at this time, it is highly recommended to complete your degree for the future transfer opportunities. 


Will UC campuses give priority Admissions if I have completed an ADT?

No, however, they will consider completion of an ADT into their comprehensive review.


Will private and out of state universities Accept ADT and give priority Admissions?

Some universities do.  For example, 39 Historically Black Colleges and universities have agreements with California Community Colleges to offer admission benefits to students with an ADT.  Here you may find a full list of non-profit private and out of state universities accepting ADTs for admission Purposes.


What is CID Number?

The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) is a statewide numbering system independent from the course numbers assigned by local California community colleges.  The CID are developed to articulate courses among community colleges that have the same designation for course content credit. Consequently, it eases the transition of the courses between communities Colleges.

The C-ID numbering system is useful for students attending more than one community college, and planning to transfer and/or complete an ADT.


 Is it possible to use courses completed at another California Community College to meet requirements for an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) at Cañada College?

Yes, you may use courses from other community colleges toward an ADT at Cañada College, if the course completed at another community college is approved for the same Associate Degree for Transfer at that institution and/or have the Same C-ID number.  Otherwise, the course must be evaluated by our Transcript Evaluation Services (TES) and/or reviewed by discipline faculty for possible Substitution.

In order to receive the credit, you must submit an official copy of your transcript from that institution to the Admissions Office at Cañada College. Please meet with a counselor for more information on courses that may apply to ADTs.


Where can I find additional information?