Applying to Universities

To apply to a four year university, you may submit an application by the given deadline.  Below you will find deadlines for each university system: 


Fall Admission:

  • Application will be available on August 1st
  • Application filing period - October 1st - November 30th 
  • Update application - January 1st - 31st

Winter/Spring Admission:

Only UC Riverside (winter), UC Merced Spring), and UC Santa Cruz (Winter) accept application mid-year, and all majors may not be available.

  • Application filing period - July 1st -July 31st
  • Updating the application September 15th

To apply visit the UC Application website

Personal Insight Questions (PIQ)

UC PIQ Worksheet

Application Fee - $70 per campus ($80 for non-resident students) 

More information provided on UC information Page.

Fall Admission:

  • Application will be available on October 1st
    Application filing period - October 1st - November 30th 
    Update application - January 1st - 31st

Spring Admission:

Not all campuses or majors will be available for Spring term.

  • Application filing period - August 1st - 31st  (some campuses may have extended Deadlines.  Please check with the individual campus)

To apply visit Cal State Application website

Application Fee - $70 per campus

More information provided on CSU Information page

Transfer Application Guide  2023-24

These universities may accept applications for Fall and Spring.  The application deadlines vary for each university, please check the individual campuses.

To apply you may complete COMMON APPLICATION.

The application fee varies for each campus, but application fee waiver may be available.  

More information provided on In-State Private University page.

The deadlines varies among the HBCU institutions.  You may visit the website of the campus of your choice.  

To apply you may complete the Common Black Application.

For more information visit the HBCU page.

Some universities may require additional documents:

  • California State Universities may require transcript to reflect the final grades that were in progress during the application period.  
  • University of California does not require additional documents until you choose an admission offer.
  • In state private universities and out of state universities may require additional documents to be submitted at the time of application.  These requirements may vary for each campus.  Examples of these documents are:
    • Transcript from all colleges attended
    • High School Transcript
    • Recommendation letter(s)
    • SAT or ACT test results
    • College Report
    • Mid-term Report

PDF flier of the Application fees and Deadlines.

See the Resources under the main page of the Transfer Center for the application guidelines and instructions.