Transfer Options

You may transfer credits that you have earned at Cañada College to any  four year  university or colleges.  But you may decide on the universities that you would like to transfer to by reviewing your options  and creating a list.  This will help you to plan and take courses that are required by the universities on your list. 

To choose a university,  you need to find if their program and services matches your need, and whether they offer your major.  You also may consider the location and the size of the university, culture of the campus, opportunities that they offer and any other factors that are important to you. 


You may Transfer to a university from one of  the following institutions.  You may meet with your counselor to explore and discuss your options.

University Of California  (UC)           California State University

 California Private Colleges and Universities

Out of State Colleges and Universities           

Online Bachelor Programs


Students may also transfer to an international institution.  To do so, students need to find the admission requirements that is available at the universities'  website.  To transfer the credits,  students may submit their transcript from all colleges attended with the translation along with the application.  these are in addition to documents needed to travel to that country.   Please see your counselor to review the option of transferring to a four year university abroad for obtaining a bachelor degree. 

Websites to Search for Universities

If you do not have any university in mind or looking for additional options, you may use the following websites to search for a university and/or program of studies: