Register for Classes

Registration Appointment

  • New students will receive their registration appointment once they have completed the orientation and advising session.
  • Continuing, some Returning (based on academic history), and Personal Enrichment students will be notified by email of their WebSMART registration date.


Registration Dates for Spring 2020

November 6, 2019

Priority registration for Foster Youth, Veterans, EOPS, DRC, CalWORKs, and Homeless Youth. Current Student Educational Plan required.

November 7, 2019

Priority registration for Athletes, Honor Students, Trio Students, International Students, Promise Students, and Associated Student Board. Current Student Educational Plan required.

November 8-11, 2019

Priority registration for continuing students with current Student Educational Plan by unit value earned. 

November 12, 2019

Online registration for PEP Students and Continuing Middle College students. 

November 13, 2019

Online registration for new and returning students.  Current student educational plan require.

November 14-18, 2019

Online registration for all other new and continuing students.  

November 19, 2019

Online registration for Concurrent Students and new Middle College students

November 20, 2019

Online registration for students who are on probation or have earned greater than 100 degree-applicable units 


How to Register

After completing the previous steps, register online using WebSMART on or after your assigned registration date. Click here if you need step-by-step instructions on using WebSMART to register.


How to Drop a Class (Withdraw)

Classes may be dropped without the instructor's approval. Withdrawal from a class or classes must be initiated by the student by the appropriate deadline date. There are three important deadlines, see Academic Calendar for dates:

  • Last day to drop a semester-long classes with eligibility for fee credit or partial refund
  • Last day to drop a class so that it does not appear on your record
  • Last day to officially withdraw from semester long classes with assurance of a "W" grade

To drop a class:

  1. Log intoWebSMART
  2. Click on Registration
  3. Click on Registration Add/Drop Classes
  4. Select the term and click "Submit" Note: At this point you may be asked to confirm your personal information
  5. On the Registration Add/Drop page, find the class you want to drop and change the drop down menu from "None" to "Drop."
  6. Click on Submit Changes


About Prerequisites and Co-requisites

Many classes require prerequisites and/or corequisites. Here are the definitions of those terms:

  • PREREQUISITE is a condition of enrollment that a student is required to meet in order to demonstrate readiness for enrollment in a course or educational program.
  • COREQUISITE is a condition of enrollment consisting of a course that a student is required to simultaneously take in order to enroll in another course.
  • RECOMMENDED is advisory only. The “recommended” notation reflects a condition of enrollment that is strongly advised but not required, to meet before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course or educational program.


Pre-requisites Checking and Registration Blocks

Courses with a prerequisite have computerized blocking in place. If you have not met the prerequisite(s) through either prerequisite course completion or placement, you will be blocked from enrolling in these courses.

Even if you secure an authorization code from the instructor, the block remains and you will be unable to register if the prerequisite requirement has not been met. If you believe you have met the prerequisite or you wish to challenge it, you should see a counselor.

Students who fail to meet the prerequisite or co-requisite requirements will be involuntarily dropped from the course.


Pre-requisite Challenge Procedures

Prerequisite challenges must be submitted to Admissions & Records prior to the first day of the term. Challenging course prerequisites or corequisites requires written documentation that explains the alternative course work, background, and/or abilities that prepare a student for the course.