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Chapter 4: Club Officers

Club Executive Officer Positions & Responsibilities

Club President:

President-Every club is required to elect a president. The president is responsible for:

Scheduling and running club meetings.
They are the "Official Spokesperson" for the club.
The best person for club president is a student who can make every meeting.
Understanding and following the Club Constitution and Cañada College Student Activities Policy and Procedures Handbook.
Working with the club secretary and advisor to develop an agenda for each meeting


Treasurer-Every club is required to elect a treasurer. The treasurer is responsible for:

Keeping track of the Club budget.
Processing and signing ASCC Requisition forms.
Must be able to attend club meetings.

ASCC Liaison

ASCC liaison- Every club is required to elect an ASCC Liaison. They are responsible for:

Attending the first ASCC Board Meeting of the month and/or Club Mixers.
Be the liaison between the club and the ASCC.
You are responsible for reporting the status of their club to other Clubs as well as reporting the content of the ASCC meeting back to club members.Be in charge of requesting money from the ASCC.


Secretary-Every club is required to elect a Secretary. They are responsible for:

For taking minutes at each meeting.
They also keep track of agendas and minutes, preferably in a club binder.

Steps for Electing Club Officers

Clubs are encouraged to elect club officers during the first couple of meetings. It is important that the club has its 4 core members before it elects officers.

Decide how the group will elect officers. Example: Nominations, voting, silent ballot. Clubs who complete their club paperwork would have created a way to elect officers as part of the paperwork.Start taking Nominations. Remember, the Student Activities Center only requires clubs to elect a President, Treasurer, ASCC Liaison and Secretary.Write the candidates' names and position on the white or black board in the classroom.Check to make sure you have at least 4 maybe even 6 club members present. Then have one student lead the group in voting.Write the winners on the ASCC Student Organization Registration Packet and return it to the Student Activities Center.

Steps for Electing ASCC Officers

*Review ASCC Constitution and Bylaws available in the Student Activities Center or on the website.