Distance Education (DE) offers courses in which part or all of the class meetings on campus are replaced with online interaction. These courses offer an excellent opportunity for you to pursue your academic goals at times and locations convenient to you.

Types of distance education courses:

  • Online courses are characterized by the instructor and student being separated by distance for the entire course and interacting exclusively (100%) through the assistance of communication technology.
  • XLOnline courses are fully online, accept up to 100 registered students, offer free semester-length online tutoring, and allow guest access, so students can survey a class they may want or need to take.
  • Hybrid courses substitute a portion of face-to-face instructional hours with online work. The course may have some regurlarly scheduled on-campus meetings without alternative distance education means of student participation. 

Benefits of Distance Education courses at Cañada:

  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Increased skill in communicating and collaborating online
  • Many opportunities for online interaction with classmates
  • Virtual support services, such as online orientation, online tutoring, and e-counseling

To get started with Distance Education at Cañada: