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6 Steps to Apply for Financial Aid & eDisbursement

  1. If not a recently admitted or a continuing Cañada/SMCCCD student, apply for Admissions and complete required steps and enroll for classes.
  2. Complete the FAFSA on-line (for U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizen applicants) or the California Dream Application (for AB 540 applicants) – use Cañada Federal School Code 006973.
  3. Attend a weekly FAFSA Tuesday or Dream Application Wednesday Workshop in the Financial Literacy Lab (Building 9-123) for assistance with applying or making corrections to your financial aid application:
    • FAFSA Tuesdays: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (please arrive by 4:30 pm)
    • Dream Application Wednesdays:  11:00 am – 1:00 pm (please arrive by 12:30 pm
  4. Submit ALL documents/forms requested by the Financial Aid Office.
    Once your FAFSA or Dream Application is processed, the Financial Aid Office will notify you at your college issued "" email address and post any additional requirements on WebSMART. Please submit ALL required documents/forms at the same time. Incomplete documents/forms will not be accepted.
  5. Review the edisbursement options and choose how your financial aid and scholarship payments will be sent to you.
  6. Receive your financial aid and/or scholarship disbursement.
    If your financial aid file is compete, you are not required to appeal, and are enrolled in sufficient units to receive your pending financial aid payment, your funds will be released the next scheduled disbursement date. See disbursement policy for more information.

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