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Class Schedule
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Apply to Cañada College

All classes at Cañada College are open to the public. Registration is open for:

  • Any person18 years of age or older with or without a high school diploma.
  • Any high school graduate or recipient of the California Certificate of Proficiency of Equivalency or GED (regardless of age).
  • Students who have completed the 9th grade with written permission from the school principal and parent. See special admission process for high school students.

To Apply

Once the application for admission is processed, all students receive:

  1. Your student identification number which will begin with a "G." This number is required for the enrollment process and to maintain your student information.
  2. A college email account will be assigned to you. Log into your WebSMART student account to find your email address and password. All college electronic communication will go to your email address.

Definitions of Student Classifications

  • New Student: You are a new student if you have never registered at Cañada, CSM or Skyline College before. If you attended Cañada as high school student, you are still considered a “new” college student.
  • Returning Student: If you were registered for classes at Cañada, CSM or Skyline prior to Fall 2013 and have not been in attendance for two semesters, you are considered a returning student and must reapply for admission.
  • New Transfer Student: If you have attended a college or university other than Cañada College, CSM or Skyline College, you are a new transfer student at Cañada College.
  • Continuing Student: You are a continuing student if you were enrolled at Cañada, CSM and/or Skyline College any semester since Summer 2013.
  • Concurrent High School Student: You are a concurrent high school student if you are taking classes at college while attending high school.


Special Application Process

There are additional application processes for certain groups of students. Special applications are required of:

  • Concurrently Enrolled High School Students
  • International Students
  • Middle College High School Students
  • Radiological Technology Students
  • CWA - College for Working Adults (See:
  • CAA - Career Advancement Academy (See:

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