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Chapter 2: Forming a Student Run Club

Student Eligibility Requirements to be part of a Student Club at Cañada

To be considered an official club member or to start your own student organization at Cañada, the student must be currently enrolled at Cañada College in at least 1 course and hold a Cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Middle College students are considered Cañada College students and are allowed to be an official club member, officer or start their own student club.

Students can hold a club or ASCC officer in three different groups, however they cannot hold more than one officer position in a group. If they would like to hold more than three officer positions, the student will need to complete the Student Activities Leadership Petition.

Student Eligibility Requirements to be part of ASCC at Cañada

All students applying to the Associated Students of Cañada College must be in "good standing" as defined in the current Cañada College Catalog. A student in good academic standing status has earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, a "C" average or better.

All students serving on the ASCC Executive Board must maintain (be continuously enrolled in) at least six (6) registered units at Cañada College each semester during their term of office and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

All students serving on the ASCC as a senator must maintain (be continually enrolled in) at least five (5) registered units at Cañada College each semester during their term of office and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

Students under the age of 18

When necessary, students under the age of 18 must provide parental consent before continuing on club sponsored activities.

District Wide Polices for CAÑADA COLLEGE Student Clubs and Associated Students.

The following rules must be followed by all ASCC, approved student clubs and organizations:

SMCCD Board Policy 7.60 Student Organizations and Activities

1. The students of the District are authorized to organize student body associations. The Board hereby recognizes those associations at the three Colleges as the Associated Students.

2. Membership in student organizations is open to all students. Denial of membership in any organization or of participation in any activity on the basis of age, gender, marital status, disability, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or other similar factors is specifically prohibited. Membership in secret societies is prohibited.

3. The Associated Students organization is recognized as the official voice of the students in the District and the College decision-making processes.

4. The Associated Students organization may conduct such activities as are consistent with the purposes of the organization, the educational and social goals of the College, and approved policies and procedures of the District and the College.

a. All activities shall be appropriately supervised by a member of the staff or by a person designated by the Vice President, Student Services.

b. Activities involving field trips or excursions shall be subject, as appropriate, to the same regulations as for required and non-required field trips.

c. Activities shall be designed to minimize the possibility of degrading, disgracing, or injuring any person or persons.

d. Distribution and posting of materials shall be subject to District and College policies and


5. The Associated Students organization shall be granted the use of District premises subject to such administrative procedures as may be established by the Chancellor or designee. Such use shall not be construed as transferring ownership or control of the premises. When College facilities are used, the organization shall assume liability for all charges incurred as well as property damage.

6. Student clubs and organizations operate under the auspices of the Associated Students.

7. The Associated Students organization operates under the auspices of Student Services at each College (see Student Organizations and Activities Procedures, 7.60(1).

Reference: Education Code Sections 76060 and 76062

(Revised 6/11)

ASCC Bylaws Article 1. ASCC Recognized Student Organizations

Since, student clubs fall under the area of Student Activities and ASCC the ASCC has provided guidelines for clubs in their Bylaws.

Section 1.       Responsibilities

All recognized student organizations are required to commit to the following:

a)      Maintain an organization constitution in the Student Activities Office

b)      Participate in "Club" Day activities

c)      Be a student body card holder

d)      Give discounts to all student body card holders on all revenue producing activities.

e)      Follow all policies and procedures as stated in the Student Organization Handbook and ASCC constitution.

Section 2.       Membership

Membership in all student organizations is open to allCañadaCollegeregistered students. Denial of membership or participation in any activity on the basis of age, gender, marital status, disability, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or other similar factor is specifically prohibited.

Section 3.       Recognition Procedure

a)      Any group seeking recognition for a new student organization must complete an ASCC Student Organization Registration packet. Completed registration packets must be submitted to the Student Activities Office for review and approval.

b)      Once approved, each student organization will be required to send one representative to a Student Organization Orientation.

c)      All approved student organizations will be identified as an "ASCC recognized student organization".

d)      Re-recognition Process. All student organizations are required to renew their recognition status each academic year. Once group status has been re-approved, one representative from each organization will be required to attend the Student Organization Orientation. Until a representative has attended the orientation all account transactions, facilities request, etc will not be processed. In addition startup funds will not be deposited into campus account.

Section 4.       Privileges

The privileges of recognized student organizations include:

a)      Access to ASCC Funds

b)      Use of College name

c)      Use of buildings, grounds, equipment and services of the College when available and officially scheduled.

d)      Publicity through appropriate college channels

e)      Appropriate advice and assistance from the Student Activities Office.

Section 5.       Inter-Organizational Council (IOC)

Membership in the Inter-Organizational Council is open to all ASCC recognized student organizations. To be considered an active member of the IOC one (1) representative from the organization must attend all IOC meetings.

Section 6.       Club Funding

a)      To be eligible for funding from ASCC a registered club and/or organization must attend all scheduled IOC meetings; participate in all Club Day events, and be in good financial and club standing.

b)      All registered student clubs and/organizations will receive a pre-loaded copy card from the Office of Student Activities, for use on the ASCC copy machine. (CARDS NO LONGER BEING USED 8/2011)

c)      Newly registered clubs and organizations will have access to $100.00 for the purpose of supporting initial club/organization activities.

d)      Eligible registered clubs and/or organizations may request a fundraising match for approved fundraisers, for a maximum of $250.00 for the academic year.

Section 7.       International, National, or Local Affiliation

All students seeking to establish a group on campus that is affiliated with a local, national, or international organization, hereafter called AFFILIATE, must comply with the following guidelines:

a)      The policies of the AFFILIATE must be compliant with College policies and educational objectives

b)      A copy of the AFFILIATES policies and/or constitution must be attached to the student organizations constitution.

c)      A clause stating the following must appear in the organization's constitution.

This organization shall adhere to the regulations and constitution of the "AFFILIATE" that do not conflict with the regulations and policies of Cañada College or the Associated Students of Cañada College.

Section 8.       Revocation/Suspension of Privileges

Failure to comply with ASCC and College policies or administrative direction in policies may result in revocation or suspension of recognition status and/or suspension of privileges.

Student organizations that are no longer considered an ASCC recognized club will lose all access to club account funds. Funds will become the property of ASCC and will be placed in a reserve fund.

Section 9.       Inactive Status

An organization will be considered inactive, if registration status is not renewed for a year and/or no account transactions occur for two consecutive semesters. All account funds will become the property of the Associated Students.

Section 10.     Organizational Revisions

Any changes to an organization's constitution, structure, officers, advisor (s), and/or affiliation, must be submitted in writing to the Student Activities Office.

Revision History Fall 2005 Student Organization By-Laws added to ASCC Constitution, ASCC Approved

Spring 2008 Section 5. Club Funding amended, ASCC approved June 2011   editing, update policies