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Student Enrollment

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Course Outcomes

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Equity Dashboard

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For recent Labor Market Information for each Cañada College Degree and Certificate Program, click hereContact Dr. Julian Branch, Director of Workforce Development, with any questions or modifications to each report.

Instructional Program Review Data Packets: 2022-23

Accounting and Business


Career and Personal Development

Communication Studies

Computer Business Office Technology


Ethnic Studies




Political Science



Data Packet Snapshot

Cañada College Tableau Dashboards

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Degrees And Certificates


degrees and certificates dashboard

UC and CSU Transfers


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Guided Pathways


Fill rate dashboard

Fill Rates






Program Review Data Packets Archive

Previously, Program Review Data Packets were provided as information for program review authors to evaluate their programs. Data included: (a) productivity report; (b) student characteristics report; and (c) effectiveness report.

Each report addressed different elements that could help authors address the program review questions and help them evaluate their program effectiveness. These links provide access to prior year data packets.

For 2021-22 Program Review

For 2020-21 Program Review

For 2019-20 Program Review

For 2018-19 Program Review

For 2017-18 Program Review

For 2016-17 Program Review

For 2015-16 Program Review

For 2014-15 Program Review

For 2013-14 Program Review 

For 2012-13 Program Review

For 2011-12 Program Review


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