Enrollment Management

Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Process (Spring 2023)

In light of the comprehensive participatory governance process the College completed in 2021-2022 via the Educational Master Planning (EMP) process, as well as the end date of the existing college Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan approaching in spring 2023, a subcommittee of the College Cabinet endeavored to align the new College EMP and to operationalize and update the existing SEM plan to provide clear strategies and tactics for enrollment management for the next two years (2023-25).  

The membership of this Cabinet subcommittee included the following:

Interim Vice President of Instruction                         (co-chair)

Chialin Hsieh

Vice President of Student Services (co-chair)

Manuel Pérez

All Instructional Deans

James Carranza, Hyla Lacefield, David Reed, Kathleen Sullivan-Torrez, Ameer Thompson 

All Student Services Deans

Wissem Bennani, Max Hartman

PRIE Office

Karen Engel

Throughout the spring 2023 semester, the Interim VPI and VPSS and members of the subcommittee are reporting on this project and soliciting feedback and input from the Instructional Planning Council and Student Services Planning Council as follows:


DRAFT Strategic Enrollment Management Operational Plan for 2023-25 FOR REVIEW

The campus community is invited to review and provide feedback on the proposed update of the College Strategic Enrollment Management Operational Plan for 2023-25. Please find a link to the draft here:

Draft v2 Strategic Enrollment Management Plan for 2023-25 presented to PBC April 19 & updated with Responsible Parties

To provide Feedback on this draft Plan via the Feedback Form, please due so via the link below and submit it no later than April 30, 2023.  Thank you!

SEM Draft Plan FEEDBACK FORM - due April April 30, 2023

Cañada College Strategic Enrollment Management Plan 2020-23

Cañada College's Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2020-23) was adopted by its Planning and Budgeting Council adopted and recommended to President Moore on April 29, 2020.

Cañada College Enrollment Data and Presentations (various)

Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Process (2018-20)

Cañada College's current Strategic Enrollment Management Plan was developed by a Strategic Enrollment Management Committee (members listed below) which was appointed by the Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC) and which met regularly from fall 2018 to early spring 2020.  The meeting agendas, materials, data, and minutes of the Committee's work can be found below.

Meeting Date  Topic/Agendas  Minutes

February 26, 2020

SEM Draft Plan Review and Recommendations to PBC Finalized

 Agenda           Meeting Slides (edited during the discussion) 


February 12, 2020

SEM Retreat De-Brief, Guiding Principles and Draft Strategy Refinement 

 Agenda               Meetings Slides with Notes


January 31, 2020


 SEM Planning Retreat

 Agenda              Meeting Slides with Notes

December 4, 2019  

 Topic:  Online Instruction and SEM

 Agenda            Presentation Slides

November 20, 2019

 Topic:  KAD and Aligning Outreach

 Agenda            Presentation Slides KAD         Presentation Slides Outreach

October 30, 2019

 Topic:  Setting SEM Goals and Optimizing the Course Schedule for Student Success (part 1)

 Agenda            Presentation Slides

October 23, 2019

 Topic:  Early College and First Year Experience

 Agenda            Presentation Slides

September 25, 2019

 Topic:  ESL and ACCEL (Adult Education Students) as well as services offered at Menlo Park

 Agenda           ESL Presentation           Menlo Park Presentation

August 28, 2019

 Topic:  Understanding Trends in FTES

 Agenda           Presentation Slides

 Schedule of Meetings Fall 2019

August 7, 2019

 Topic:  Setting a course for SEM planning in fall 2019

 Agenda           Presentation Slides

May 8, 2019

 Topic:  Synthesizing the results of our Spring 2019 planning process and planning next steps

  Agenda and Presentation Slides

 Presentation to PBC
May 1, 2019

 ADDED 2-hour MEETING on Topics:  STEM Center and Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance (KAD)

   Agenda          Presentation Slides for KAD

                       Presentation Slides for The STEM Center

April 24, 2019

 Topic:  International Students

  Agenda          Presentation Slides


April 10, 2019

 Topic:  Strong Workforce Plan

  Agenda         Presentation Slides


March 27, 2019

 Topic:  Guided Pathways – key strategies emerging from inquiry phase

 Agenda         Presentation Slides


March 13, 2019

 Topic:  Distance Education

 Agenda       Presentation Slides


February 27, 2019

 Topic: Markets, Demand, and the Competition: Understanding Cañada in our  regional context in terms of  demand for our programs and services

 Agenda      Presentation Slides


February 6, 2019

 Topic:  Early College/Dual Enrollment

 Agenda      Presentation Slides


January 23, 2019

 Topic:  College for Working Adults 


 Spring 2019 Meeting Topics

 College for Working Adults Slides


December 12, 2018




November 28, 2018 


 Minutes (revised draft plan)

November 7, 2018 

 Agenda and slides



Goals of the 2018-20 Enrollment Management Committee

Establish Comprehensive Enrollment Goals – number, types of students, various modes of instructional delivery are needed to accomplish mission. Enrollment forecasting to determine campus wide needs for programs and course selection. Formal process to strengthen high school connections and collaborations in order to enhance dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment with an enhanced opportunity to predict, articulate and process these students’ needs. Better serve international student needs with continued outreach to enhance their student/college experience.

Promote Institutional Success – access, transition, persistence, employment reporting, graduation and completion metrics through effective data driven strategic and financial planning. Develop new program curriculum for regional/local and student needs. Promotion of students’ voices and our alumni who have successfully transitioned. Greater development of an alumni network. Utilization of best practices and transfer-ability of successful programs to other areas or new programs. Greater and more variable student life activities in order to strengthen college connectedness.

Strengthen Internal and External Communications – strategic marketing, business and community outreach, community partner outreach, high school/adult school/early college outreach, promotion of programs and services offered in order to drive or increase enrollment, demonstrating student success, establish a career pathway to assist students in understanding career opportunities. Greater incorporation of advisory board views as a part of the campus decision making processes.

Increase Campus Collaboration – among programs to accomplish mission, helping faculty, staff and administration incorporating student voices into institutional plans. Partnerships with instructional and student services collaborations that are efficient. Business process analysis that supports efficiency and equity for our students. Leveraging technology to increase participation and usability in order to incorporate greater and varied voices.

Enrollment Management Plans

Cañada College Strategic Enrollment Management (with COVID-19 addendum) adopted by PBC on April 29, 2020

Cañada College Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (update approved by PBC 11.07.2018)

Cañada College Strategic Enrollment Plan (approved by PBC 03.26.2014)

Enrollment Management Committee Members

(approved by PBC 10.17.2018)

  • Academic Senate President
  • Classified Senate President
  • Faculty:  1 from STEM, 1 from CE, and DE Coordinator/Humanities
  • Students
  • Promise Scholars Program Coordinator
  • VPI
  • VPSS
  • All Instructional Deans
  • Dean of Counseling
  • Counseling Faculty Member
  • Registrar
  • Assessment & Placement Office
  • Marketing & Outreach
  • PRIE Office

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Resources