Professional Development

Statement of Intention

The intention of the Cañada Professional Learning Framework is to provide the foundation for a comprehensive professional learning program that meets the college’s needs through supporting existing campus-wide professional learning opportunities and creating a path for further campus-wide professional efforts.

Programs integral to the plan include:

Professional Development Plan 2024-27


To actively engage faculty, staff, and administrators in Professional Learning that supports our changing student population, strengthens our diverse campus community, and promotes personal growth and professional learning,


Our vision is to foster an ongoing community of lifelong learning that embraces and responds to change through promoting innovative and equitable practices campus wide.


We respect and recognize our campus community members are both learners and educators. Professional learning serves as the vehicle for personal and professional growth and transformation. Professional learning at Cañada embraces the following values:

  • Professionalism, leadership, and collaboration
  • Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation
  • Inclusion, social justice, and sustainability
  • High academic standards, integrity, and expertise

PDPC Planning Process 2023-2024

Core Concepts

  • Expand job-related skills and expertise, including knowledge of regulations, policies, and discipline-specific content and pedagogies
  • Renew and refresh workplace strengths and morale
  • Develop methods for meeting varied student needs in and out of the classroom
  • Explore technology as a tool for efficiency and innovation
  • Introduce new resources and innovative practices for serving students
  • Expand/Develop new skills or practices to enhance institutional goals
  • Embrace and model a community of lifelong learning
  • Share and implement integrated, campus-wide, district-wide, state-wide, and nation-wide learning experiences
  • Acknowledge and celebrate strengths and achievements
  • Create innovative approaches for working with one another (faculty, staff, administration, and students) through community building and mentoring
  • Provide opportunities for information sharing, feedback, follow-up, and networking
  • Support engagement in campus-wide opportunities (i.e. shared-governance, flex days and division meetings)
  • Promote health and wellness, including work-life balance and managing stress
  • Support setting and meeting individual professional goals
  • Cultivate individual potential for growth and leadership within the organization and possible career advancement and leadership
  • Engage in mentoring and networking in order to build personal knowledge and promote career growth