Faculty Professional Development: Required Materials & Process

Application Process

Please review the SMCCCD Travel Policy for more information on reimbursements: Domestic Travel Policy or International Travel Policy

Prior to the Conference, Workshop, or Project

  • Complete the Faculty Professional Development Application form, include supporting documentation for ALL of your estimated expenses.
  • If requesting an Advance Check, complete the Conference Pre-approval / Advance Form form, including supervisor's signature. Please check the 'ADVANCE CHECK REQUESTED' box at the top of the form.
  • Include a Personal Statement describing the following (one page minimum for Short-Term and three pages minimum for Long-Term applications):
    1. Statement of purpose and objectives, including an outline of the planned project, program, activity, or work experience.
    2. Description of the activities involved.
    3. Benefit to the College.
    4. Enhancement to existing course or program area and a plan for sharing the results of the activity.
    5. Personal enrichment.
  • Submit all forms in a combined PDF to your division office at least 30 days before the conference or project. Your packet should include:
    • Professional Development Application form with all signatures.
    • Personal Statement.
    • Evidence of all requested costs (E.g. conference agenda, registration, hotel, travel/transportation estimates).
    • Conference Pre-approval / Advance Form (if applicable).

AFTER Conference, Workshop, or Project

Faculty approved for conference/workshop reimbursement must provide the following to the Cañada College Business Office at CANBusinessOffice@smccd.edu within 30 days of attendance or completion of the conference/workshop:

  1. Statement of Conference Expense form, including supervisor's signature.
  2. Copy of the approved Professional Development Application form.
  3. Copy of the approved Conference Pre-approval / Advance Form (if applicable).
  4. Itemized original receipts of ALL payments requested for reimbursement for travel, lodging, registration, fees, etc.
  5. Conference/workshop agenda (even if you are not requesting reimbursement of meals).
  6. Map indicating mileage (if applicable).

Submit your Project Report form to your Division Office. This is REQUIRED for Long Term projects; OPTIONAL for Short Term projects.

Questions: If you have questions, please contact Salumeh Eslamieh, Professional Development Committee Chair at (650) 306-3227 or eslamiehs@smccd.edu.

Ready to Apply?

Please proceed to the Forms and Sample Forms page to download both before and after conference Professional Development forms.