Faculty Professional Development: Required Materials & Process

BEFORE Conference/Workshop

Submit the following required materials 30 days BEFORE the conference/workshop:

Submit your application and personal statement (and backup expense documentation) to your division office 30 days or more before the conference. It will be forwarded to the Office of Instruction for the professional development committee’s review. The committee’s decision will be sent electronically to your smccd.edu email address.


  1. Complete Professional Development Application & include the back up of all of your estimated expenses.
  2. Complete the Conference Advance form (even if you are not asking for a check advance). If no check advance is requested check the box .
  3. Include Personal Statement
    1. Personal Statement - Short Term. Compose at least 1 page addressing the topics below and include in your application:
      1. Benefit to the College
      2. Enhancement to existing course or program area (a plan for sharing the results of the activity)
      3. Personal enrichment
    2.  Personal Statement - Long Term.  Address the topics below and attach to your application:
      1. An outline of the planned project, program, activity or work experience including a statement of purpose and objectives
      2. A description of the activities involved
      3. Enhancement to existing course or program area (a plan for sharing the results of the activity)
  4. Include an informational flyer/brochure to show proof of conference & fee schedule.
  5. Include all of your estimated expenses listed under covered expenses. This would include:
    1. Registration fee
    2. Transportation expenses (airfare, mileage). Mileage calculation must be estimated as roundtrip from Cañada College OR home, whichever is closer to conference/workshop. If claiming mileage include Google Maps (mileage reimbursed at .545 per mile, as of January, 2018).
    3. Car Rental/shuttle/taxi fare/bus
    4. Lodging (room charges & taxes only)
    5. Meals (up to $60 per diem) during approved travel. Note that taxes, tips and room service charges are included in the per-diem calculation. When claiming meals you must include an agenda showing that meals were not provided at the conference. Meal reimbursement breakdown: $10 breakfast, $20 lunch, $30 dinner.


AFTER Conference/Workshop

Submit the following materials within 10 days AFTER the conference/workshop:

Submit your reimbursement form along with the required documents listed below to your division office within 10 days after the conference. It will then be forward to the Office of Instruction to process the reimbursement. You will be notified when your reimbursement check is available. If you are interested in applying for the ACH direct deposit, please, contact Alessandra Zanassi zanassia@smccd.edu. Note that a void check won't be needed if you already have payroll direct deposit with the District Office. 


Submit your Statement of Conference Expense. This must be submitted no later than 10 days after the conference.  It must include:

  1. Itemized original receipts and proof of payment for all expenses. Note that these receipts must show the expense were PAID in full with a zero balance.
  2. Conference Agenda (even if you are not requesting reimbursement for meals).Google Maps as proof of mileage calculation if requesting reimbursement for mileage.
  3. Breakdown of meals requested for reimbursement (which meals on which dates).
  4. If you received an advance check or paid for expenses using a Procurement Card, the advance check number or c document number is required.

Submit your Project Report Form. This is REQUIRED for Long Term projects; OPTIONAL for Short Term projects. Submit this report to your Division Dean.

Questions: If you have questions, please contact Salumeh Eslamieh, Professional Development Committee Chair at (650) 306-3227 or eslamiehs@smccd.edu


Ready for the Conference?

Please proceed to the Forms and Sample Forms page to download both before and after conference Professional Development forms.