Faculty Professional Development

Application Forms

Submit BEFORE the Conference/Project

Please submit the following application at least 30 days before your event. The application form below ALSO contains the Conference Advance Form.


Application Form - Faculty

Submit AFTER the Conference/Project

Please submit the following forms at least 10 days after your event. 


Statement of Conference Expense

Project Report Form

Completed Sample Forms

Professional Development Committee Members:

Per AFT contract, Article 13.11, committee membership consists of 3 AFT appointed faculty, 1 Academic Senate appointed faculty, and 2 Administrators:

  • Salumeh Eslamieh (Committee Chair; representative to Academic Senate)
  • Monica Malamud (AFT appointee; representative to Academic Senate)
  • Nathan Staples (AFT appointee)
  • Candice Nance (Academic Senate)
  • Chialin Hsieh (Vice President of Instruction)
  • Ameer Thompson (Dean of Science and Technology)