Faculty Professional Development

The purpose of Faculty Professional Development program is to update, retrain, and extend faculty expertise to meet current and future needs of our students in accordance with college priorities. For more information, please refer to the AFT contract under Professional Development Program.

Eligibility and Deadlines

Professional Development funds are allocated on a fiscal year basis (July 1 – June 30).  All faculty are eligible for reimbursement of conference registration fees and up to $2500 for travel/lodging/other expenses. Full-Time faculty are eligible for Long-Term and Extended Leaves. Funds must be requested in advance of the professional development opportunity and are contingent on availability. Application status will be notified to the applicant by the Cañada College Business Office via email. Submit your application to your Division Office for review and approval at least 30 days before the event. 

Available for: Application Type: Deadline:

Part-Time Faculty;

3rd and 4th Year Tenure-Track Faculty; 

Tenured Faculty

Short-Term (conference/workshop)  *minimum 30 days before conference 
Full-Time Faculty  Spring Semester Long-Term Project October 15th
Full-Time Faculty  Fall Semester Long-Term Project March 1st
Full-Time Faculty  Extended Leave (Sabbatical)  March 1st
*Applications for summer conferences must be submitted before end of spring semester.

Covered Expenses

  • Registration/ Fees
  • Faculty replacement
  • Travel expenses such as:  (maximum of $2,500 per fiscal year, per applicant)
    • Transportation (airfare, *mileage,  car rental/ taxi/ etc.)
      • *Mileage calculation must be estimated as roundtrip from Cañada College OR home, whichever is closer to conference/workshop site. See IRS website for current rate.
    • Lodging (room charges and taxes only)
    • Meals (up to the per-diem rates)
      • If requesting meal reimbursement, provide agenda or other document showing meals were not provided at the conference.
    • Miscellaneous (tolls and parking charges)


Professional Development Committee Members:

Per AFT contract, Article 13.11, committee membership consists of 3 AFT appointed faculty, 1 Academic Senate appointed faculty, and 2 Administrators:

  • Salumeh Eslamieh (Committee Chair; representative to Academic Senate)
  • Monica Malamud (AFT appointee; representative to Academic Senate)
  • Nathan Staples (AFT appointee)
  • Candice Nance (Academic Senate appointee)
  • Chialin Hsieh (Vice President of Instruction)
  • Ameer Thompson (Dean of Science and Technology)