Cañada Professional Learning Plan

Access Professional Learning Plan


The State of California passed Senate Bill AB 2558 September 19, 2014. This bill highlights the importance of cross-campus professional learning recognizing that all employees play a role in student success. In addition, it acknowledges the many factors involved in maintaining an environment in which employees can refine and learn new skills and knowledge to help better serve students. The Cañada College Professional Learning Plan fulfills one of the requirements of AB2558 and recommendations from the Planning and Budgeting Council while more importantly establishing a College-wide Professional Learning Program.

Work on the Cañada Professional Learning Plan began in Spring 2014. Steps to develop the Professional Learning Plan have included creating a PBC Taskforce, engaging campus in brainstorming and discussions about professional learning, receiving recommendations from an Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Partnership Resource Team (PRT), and establishing a College Professional Learning Committee.  For a comprehensive overview of the steps taken to create a Cañada Professional Learning Plan, please visit the Re-envisioning Professional Development webpage.

The College Professional Learning Committee is charged with developing the College Professional Learning Plan and determining programming based on needs throughout the College. The PL Committee developed the PL Plan with the following in mind:

The first Professional Learning Plan for the College had a 1-year cycle (2017-18) as a prototype.  Revisions were made after a year of implementation, and it was changed to a two-year plan. This also ensures full alignment with the College EMP which is currently in development. The PL Committee will work throughout campus to determine the effectiveness of this cycle of the plan during the Spring 2018 and make revisions based on feedback from the campus. Future plans will have a longer cycle.



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