Faculty Learning Program - PODS


Faculty Pods: Derivative of the Learning Program 

Faculty pods are groups of faculty and educators that form communities of practice who discuss teaching practices. In these meetings, we share ideas and lesson plans to study the effectiveness and the dynamics of activities in the classrooms. 

We also have specialized pods that focus on specific subjects or topics in our campus where faculty would need to meet and share ideas.  With the implementation of AB1705, we have specialized pods for the English and mathematics departments. We will also have pods for Honors Faculty.

For more information about the Faculty Learning Program (FLP), see the FLP Overview (Archived Page).  

Goals & Objectives

The overarching goal of the FLP is to improve student achievement in undergraduate courses. This is achieved through five faculty-focused objectives:

  1. Deepen faculty understanding of how people learn
  2. Change teaching behavior to support student learning
  3. Engage faculty in habits of reflection
  4. Nurture a tradition of continued learning about teaching
  5. Build faculty learning communities

This program directly aligns with increasing student achievement and eliminating equity gaps. These objectives will lead to enduring improvements in teaching effectiveness and contribute to maintaining continuous improvement in teaching among established and new faculty. 

Current Program Participation

Spring 2024: PODS

Focus on English Language Learners in STEM

  • Camille Kaslan – Chemistry
  • Adriana Lugo – Library
  • Sol Parajon Puenzo – Chemistry
  • Susan White – Biology
  • Ray Lapuz – Facilitator

Meeting Times: Weekly - Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:30

AB1705 English Pod

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AB1705 Mathematics Pod

See Math Pods for participants and updates


More about Past Participants and Past Pods: Archived FLP