Faculty Learning Program


The Faculty Learning Program (FLP) is a professional development program designed to improve faculty’s instructional practices. Designed by UC Berkeley STEM faculty, this program has been adopted by over 50 UC, CSU, and CA community colleges.

The modules in the FLP course consist of 7 video lessons alternating with 7 meetings of participants to discuss each lesson's content and how it applies to one’s own teaching practices.  These discussions are essential to building a common language and expectations.  Topics include: prior knowledge and conceptual change, self-regulated learning, motivation, growth mindsets, stereotypes, and active learning designs.

The program continues with lesson planning for their classes by Community of Practice (CoP) members, training in observation technique under tutelage of the Lead Coordinator, classroom observation and video recording, as well as full debriefing and productive feedback. Each participant is encouraged to develop their practice of reflective teaching.

Success is dependent on the expertise of the Lead Coordinator and the faculty who have already participated in the program.  Ideally, each CoP would contain an FLP-experienced faculty member, but that will depend on exactly which faculty participate. All members of each CoP are essential contributors to establishing trust and a safe space in which faculty can try new pedagogies.  

The FLP program is well described on the website: https://teaching.berkeley.edu/programs/transforming-stem-teaching-faculty-learning-program 

Goals & Objectives

The overarching goal of the FLP is to improve student achievement in undergraduate courses. This is achieved through five faculty-focused objectives:

  1. Deepen faculty understanding of how people learn
  2. Change teaching behavior to support student learning
  3. Engage faculty in habits of reflection
  4. Nurture a tradition of continued learning about teaching
  5. Build faculty learning communities

This program directly aligns with increasing student achievement and eliminating equity gaps. These objectives will lead to enduring improvements in teaching effectiveness and contribute to maintaining continuous improvement in teaching among established and new faculty. 

Program Participation

Cohort #1: Spring 2023 to Fall 2023

The participant will abide by the schedule of meetings (decided by the group) and expectations for participation and will submit the deliverables indicated below according to the FLP’s particular schedule. Active participation in each FLP meeting and submission of deliverables entitles the undersigned faculty member to a stipend in the amount of [$750 per term]. Compensation may be reduced or revoked if set terms are not fulfilled.

During the first term of the professional learning program, participants should expect to spend 30 hours in FLP, including a 2-day in-person workshop (during Flex Days), 7 online, ~1.5-2 hour long synchronous meetings, and 1-2 hours preparing for each online session. During the second term, participants will spend ~20 hours in FLP, first observing and discussing practice videos, then engaging in 4, 2-hour long sessions observing and discussing videos of and with peers including sharing 2, 5-7 minute videos of their own classroom teaching.

Cohort #2: Spring 2024 - Fall 2024

Call for applications will occur by mid-Fall 2023 - more to come!

Cohort #1: Spring 2023 - Fall 2023

Participating Faculty

  • Kristina Brower – Education & Human Development
  • Maria Mendoza – Engineering
  • Hongyan Meng – Math
  • Bridget Love – Communication Studies
  • Leonor Cabrera – Accounting
  • Julie Luu – Biology

Faculty Leads

  • Ray Lapuz - Math, Faculty Learning Program (FLP) Coordinator
  • Candice Nance - Business

Meeting Times

Spring 2023: First and third Thursdays at 4pm-5pm in the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center and Lounge (building 9, room 154)

Fall 2023: TBD