Appointments of Faculty

Faculty are appointed by the Academic Senate to serve on a diverse array of committees and advisory boards hosted by the college and district office.  Some of these district, college, Below are the current faculty appointments to standing district and college committees.  Excluded are appointments to tenure-track evaluation committees, tenured evaluation committees, screening committees, and CTE advisory boards.  Every effort is made to ensure that the list of appointments is accurate and complete.  Please email the Senate Secretary if there are errors or omissions.

For information about the different types of committees please refer to the Participatory Governance Manual.

Current Faculty Appointments

Spring 2022 Committee and other Participatory Governance Appointments

Opportunities to Serve

District Committees College Senate College Councils College Committees Operational Groups Ad Hoc
District Academic Senate (1/mo) Academic Senate (2/mo) Instruction Planning Council  (2/mo) Academic Committee for Equity & Success (1/mo) Evaluation Guidance Committee (1/sem) CARES (weekly)
District Accreditation Coordinating Council (1/mo)   Planning and Budgeting Council (2/mo) Distance Educaiton Advisory Committee (1/mo)

Textbook Affordability Subcommittee (1/sem)

Note: subcommittee of Academic Senate

Extenuating Circumstances Committee (2/mo)
District Committee for Budget and Finance (1/mo)   Student Services Planning Council (2/mo) Honors Transfer Program Advisory Committee (1/mo) EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs/FFYSI Advisory Committee (1/sem) Grievance and Conduct Boards - (as needed)
District Curriculum Committee (1/mo)     Technology Committee (1/sem) Professional Learning Committee (as needed)   
District Distance Education Advisory Committee (1/yr)     Environmental Sustainability Committee (1/mo)

Black Students Matter

Note: subcommittee of Academic Senate

District Participatory Governance Council (1/mo)     Safety Committee (1/mo)    
District Strategic Planning Committee (1/mo)     Professional Development Planning Committee  (1/mo)    
District Study Abroad Program Committee (1/sem)    

Curriculum Committee (2/mo)

Note: subcommittee of Academic Senate

Equal Employment Opportunity Committee (1/yr)          
Teaching and Learning Committee          


To learn more about faculty staffing levels, impact on committee service, etc., please see