The Academic Committee for Equity & Success (ACES) addresses student equity and success, particularly in courses below transfer level and for disproportionately impacted student groups, by supporting equity related programs and initiatives.  All are welcome at our meetings, so please join us!

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The Academic Committee for Equity and Success (ACES) encompasses the colleges Student Equity, Basic Skills, and Student Success and Support program planning, and its membership is reflective of these areas. 


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The ACES Committee provides guidance for the Caňada College 2019-2022 Student Equity and Achievement Plan: Follow this Link

Student Success Metrics:

The 2019-2022 Cañada College Student Equity Plan has been aligned to the California Community College System’s new student success metrics. Colleges were instructed to use the Student Success Metrics (SSM) Dashboard to access their data for their overall student population. Colleges are required to set three-year goals from the SSM for the overall student population and for each student equity population shown to have DI (disproportionate impact) in the following success metrics:

1. Access-Successful Enrollment (enroll within one year after applying)

2. Retention-Fall to Spring (all students)

3. Completion of transfer-level math and English (within the first year)

4. Vision Goal Completion (earned credit certificates over 18 units or associate degree within three years)

5. Transfer to a four-year institution (in state or out of state, within three years)