The Academic Committee for Equity & Success (ACES) addresses student equity and success, particularly in courses below transfer level and for disproportionately impacted student groups, by supporting equity related programs and initiatives.  All are welcome at our meetings, so please join us!

For more information about ACES, please complete this survey, and we will keep you posted.

The Academic Committee for Equity and Success (ACES) is comprised of the Student Equity Committee and the Basic Skills Committee. If you have any questions, please contact Committee Coordinator Rebekah Taveau at taveaur@smccd.edu or Interim Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies David Reed at reedd@smccd.edu

The ACES Committee is responsible for the Caňada College 2017-2019 Integrated Plan: Follow this Link

The Cañada College Integrated Plan Goals are:

Goal One:  
Increase full time enrollment of new and continuing students from low socio economic backgrounds, in particular students from low socio-economic backgrounds, in particular students coming to college from North Oaks and East Palo Alto.

Goal Two: 
Basic Skills Math completion and time to completions:  Increase the percentage of students who progress from basic skills mathematics to college-level mathematics courses in 2 years from 18% to 25%. (Data from Strategic Plan)

Goal Three:
Basic Skills English completion and time to completion:  Increase the percentage of students who progress from basic skills English to college-level English courses in 2 years from 30% to 40%. (Data from District Strategic Plan)

Goal Four:
Persistence:  Over the next two years, increase fall-to-spring persistence rate for disproportionately impacted students with a particular focus on African American and “Hispanic” (Latinx) students.

Goal Five:
Completion Rate:  Increase percentage of students who complete their educational goal (certificate, degree, and/or transfer) from 47.6% to 52.6%, with focus on goal completion by underprepared students.