Academic Senate meetings are the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 2:10 to 4:00 p.m. in Building 2, Room 10 (underneath the bookstore)

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ASCCC Plenary: 11/6-9 (Newport Beach), Spring 2020 4/16-18 (Oakland)

Upcoming Meetings:  

Sept. 12 Sept. 17 (Special Meeting) Sept. 26 Oct. 1 (Special Meeting)
Oct. 10 Oct. 24 Nov. 14 Dec. 12 Changed to: Dec. 5
Jan. 23 Feb. 13 Feb. 27 Mar. 12
Mar. 26 Apr. 9 Apr. 23 May 14



Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Date Agenda Minutes Materials

Jan. 23 2020


Minutes (draft)

Skyline Resolution on Resolution: Early and Inclusive Evaluation of college Administrators

Proposed Cañada Resolution on Resolution: Early and Inclusive Evaluation of college Administrators

Dec. 5 2019


Minutes (draft)

English Faculty Vacancy Request

Jan. 10th Flex Day Agenda

CSM Resolution Flexible Scheduling/Compressed Calendar

Professional Development Report

Guided Pathways Budget Presentation

Proposed New Employee Orientation

Nov. 14 2019



New Faculty Position Proposals

EOPS Counselor Results

Math Faculty (1 position) Results

Math Faculty (2 positions) Results

Instructional Designer Results

International Student Counselor Results

Oct. 24 2019



Goodman Questions

Oct. 10 2019



Strong Workforce Presentation

Oct. 1 2019

(note: meeting is in 3-142 from 3pm to 4pm)


Minutes (draft)


Sept. 26 2019



Old Online Instruction/Faculty Distance Education Coordinator Description

Revised Online Instruction/Faculty Distance Education Coordinator Description

Program Development, Improvement, and Discontinuation Project History

Draft of Revised Reassigned Time Process

Five Interest Areas (draft)Four Interest Areas (draft)

Professional Development Committee Revision to committee term lengths

Sept 17 2019

(note: meeting is in 9-312)



Resolution in Support of Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Division

 Sept 12 2019



Introduction to Academic Senate Presentation

Accreditation Meditation Presentation

Quality Online Teaching & Learning Coaches

Peralta Online Equity Rubric

California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative Course Design Rubric

October Flex Day Poster


Priorities for 2019-2020
  • Development of procedure for New Instructional Program Development
  • Development of procedure for Program Revitalization/Program Improvement and Viability
  • Work with IPC and VPI to streamline Reassigned Time process
  • Work with District Academic Senate to define ZTC designator in WebSchedule and propose low-cost designator as well
  • Work with District Academic Senate and Union to continue work on hiring and evaluation policy for full-time non-tenure track faculty
  • Work with marketing and Associated Students to make marketing easier for faculty
  • Work with District Academic Senate to look at the big picture plan of professional development
  • Prioritizing new faculty position proposals
  • Nominations for ASCCC awards
  • Nominations for local college awards


Meeting Archive

Minutes from prior years' meetings can be found at the archive