Academic Senate Subcommittees

Black Students Matter

Black Students Matter is a subcommittee of Academic Senate iniated and made up of faculty which focuses on support for faculty related matters such as:

  • Working with faculty and the Curriculum Committee to incorporate anti-racism, equity, and culturally responsive practices into syllabi, CORs, etc.
  • Support and work with other campus partners to increase diversity in hirings and screening committees
  • Be a resource that can help act as a bridge to make sure that under-represented people and college perspectives represented (i.e. Umoja, student athletes, etc.).
  • Facilitate and make faculty aware of professional development opportunities such as trainings and conferences.
  • Website Creation/Input
  • Work with Marketing/Outreach (faculty representation)
  • Work directly with students through the ASCC and BSU regarding joint Anti-Racism efforts

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee is a subcommittee of Academic Senate. According to Article VI, section 6 of the Academic Senate Bylaws:

  • The primary function of the Curriculum Committee shall be to coordinate and monitor Cañada’s curricular offerings so that they shall uphold the California Education Code, be consistent among the divisions and colleges of the District, be understandable to our students and staff, articulate with high schools and four- year institutions, and support the goals and objectives of the San Mateo County Community College District and Cañada College.
  • The Curriculum Committee shall make recommendations to the Academic Senate about general instruction policies and standards, and degree and certification requirements. The Curriculum Committee shall also deliberate over the initiation and modification of programs and courses. To do this, the Curriculum Committee shall seek input from those campus and committee individuals who are affected by curricular decisions, and whose input is needed by the Curriculum Committee to make informed decisions. The Committee shall request the Office of the President of Cañada College to provide such information as is necessary for its deliberations and actions.
  • All standing subcommittees of the Curriculum Committee shall have a written charter and guidelines. In addition, these subcommittees shall present, at minimum, annual reports to the Curriculum Committee.

Find meeting agendas, minutes, membership, etc. on the Curriculum Committee Sharepoint site.

Textbook Affordability Subcommittee

The Textbook Affordability Subcommittee is a subcommittee of Academic Senate formed to provide textbooks for students as inexpensively as possible, and no more than $50 a book.


  • In a given term, 75% of courses/sections would be OER-converted (ZCT, Low-Cost, No-Textbook[1]);
  • Develop a repository of permanent campus-wide resources;
  • Develop partnerships with transfer institutions/programs (through Curriculum);
  • Create a program of incentives for all instructors to put their materials in the public domain, including adoption of low-cost materials and ZCT.

[1] ZCT = Zero Cost Textbook (including all other materials); Low-Cost = all materials cost less than $40; No-Text = there are no course materials (e.g. textbooks, articles, lab kits) for this course


  • Evangelize and educate on the use of OER, including new advances in OER (e.g. Rice);
  • Encourage adoption of OER and sharing of materials across disciplines;
  • Work with faculty to include OER in the COR for their courses, ensuring the rigor is appropriate for the course;
  • Distribute the resources across the campus community;
  • Work with OER partners at CSM/SKY;
  • Report out to ASGC and other participatory governance bodies.

Find meeting agendas, minutes, membership, etc. on the Textbook Affordability Subcommittee website.