Senate Projects

Academic Senate sets annual goals while also working on significant multi-year initiatives. Below is a link to the current annual goals as well as past annual goals since the 2022-23 academic year.

At the bottom of the page is a list of ongoing and completed multi-year projects. The project links include more documentation than can be provided by meeting minutes.

If you would like to suggest a new goal or project, please contact an Academic Senate officer or representative or come to one of our Senate meetings


Annual Goals

Project Description
Class Cancellation Guidelines Guidance on how to work with faculty and factors to consider before canceling a class.
Faculty Survey Survey measuring faculty attitudes related to evaluation, transparency, and other issues on campus .
Arts at Cañada Conversations about how to support and grow the arts at the college.
Class Enrollment Maximums This project aims to create policy and faculty-driven procedures for setting course enrollment maximums.
Online Education Conversations and decisions regarding the opportunities presented by the Online Education Initiative.
Enrollment Management Discussion regarding processes of strategic enrollment management.
Professional Development This initiative aims to re-envision professional development to serve faculty, staff and administrators
Program Development & Discontinuance This initiative aims to define processes for new program development and for PIV
Program Review & Planning This project aims to refine the Annual Planning and Program Review forms and process for instructional programs. 
Reassigned Time Allocation  This project aims to create a transparent process for allocating non-instructional assignments to faculty.