Committees and Groups


This page includes a list of the different Professional Learning Committees and ongoing opportunities at Cañada College.

Campus-wide Professional Development Planning Committee

2020-21 Members

Dave Meckler - Co-Chair, CIETL Coordinator

David Reed - Co-Chair, Dean, ASLT Division

Chris Rico - Faculty Representative/Counseling

Alessandra Zanassi - Classified Representative

Vacant - ASCC Student Representative

Jacky Ip - CSEA/Classified Representative


  • Provides input and feedback on the College Professional Learning Plan
  • Sets and assesses campus-wide professional learning goals
  • Determines campus-wide professional learning needs through a needs assessment
  • Plans themes and activities (including Flex Days) according to the campus-wide professional learning plan and employee needs
  • Evaluate professional learning activities based on participant feedback
  • Collaborate with other on-campus professional development groups
  • Identify additional tasks and responsibilities related to professional learning

Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of the Month - 1:00pm to 3:00pm  Location:  Beginning with March 10, 2020 meeting, all meetings are held via Zoom until further notice. Please email David Reed or Dave Meckler for information on joining these meetings if you do not receive an invite.

Academic Year 2020-21

FALL 2020 SEMESTER: September 8, October 13, November 10, December 8

SPRING 2021 SEMESTER February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11


Participatory Governance committee assignments:

PBC Chairs, Cabinet, and ASCC advisors appoint representatives from respective areas (2 faculty, 2 staff, 1 administrator and 1-2 students)


Faculty Professional Development Committee

Salumeh Eslamieh - Committee Chair - English Faculty

Vacant - Faculty Member

Nathan Staples -AFT appointee

Vacant -AFT appointee

Tammy Robinson - Vice President of Instruction
  • Allocates faculty professional development funds to faculty for conference and workshop opportunities
  • Determines application and approval processes for faculty to request PD funds for attending conferences and workshops
  • Reviews faculty conference and workshop PD applications
Academic Senate and AFT                      


Classified Professional Development Committee

Jeri Eznekier- Project Director, CAA and CWA

Maria Huning - Project Director - Upward Bound

Adlofo Leiva - Director of SparkPoint

Sarita Lopez - Accounting Technician, CSEA

David Reed - Interim Dean, ASLT

Jeanne Stalker-Pres. Classified Senate/CSEA Classified Senate Appointee

Mary Concha Thia - Interim Vice President of Administrative Services

  • Allocates Classified Staff professional development funds to Classified Staff for conference and workshop opportunities and Cañada tuition reimbursement (this is different from the district-level tuition reimbursement)
  • Determines application and approval processes for Classified Staff to request PD funds for attending conferences and workshops and tuition reimbursements
  • Coordinates application and approval processes with district and local guidelines
  • Reviews Classified Staff conference and workshop PD applications
Classified Senate and CSEA