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This page includes a list of the different Professional Learning Committees and ongoing opportunities at Cañada. If you have an ongoing opportunity or a committee that needs to be listed, please contact the Director of Professional Development and Innovation.

Campus-wide Professional Learning Committee

Lale Yurtseven - Business Faculty

Mallory Stevens - CBOT Faculty

Chrissy Kincer - Executive Assistant - Office of Instruction

Vacant (CSEA/Classified Senate appointee)

R Abd-aljawad- ASCC Student Representative

Erin Moore - Director of Professional Development and Innovation

Phillip King - Vice President of Student Services                
  • Provides input and feedback on the College Professional Learning Plan
  • Sets and assesses campus-wide professional learning goals
  • Determines campus-wide professional learning needs through a needs assessment
  • Plans themes and activities (including Flex Days) according to the campus-wide professional learning plan and employee needs
  • Evaluate professional learning activities based on participant feedback
  • Collaborate with other on-campus professional development groups
  • Identify additional tasks and responsibilities related to professional learning                                                

Participatory Governance:

PBC Chairs, Cabinet, and SCC advisors appoint representatives from respective areas (2 faculty, 2 staff, 1 administrator, 2 students, and the Director of Professional Development and Innovation)


Faculty Professional Development Committee

Lisa Palmer - Committee Chair - English Faculty

Salumeh Eslamieh - English Faculty

Denise Erickson - Art History Faculty

Vacant (AFT appointee)

Janet Stringer (Dean of Science & Technology)

David Johnson - Interim Vice President of Instruction
  • Allocates faculty professional development funds to faculty for conference and workshop opportunities
  • Determines application and approval processes for faculty to request PD funds for attending conferences and workshops
  • Reviews faculty conference and workshop PD applications
Academic Senate and AFT                      


Classified Professional Development Work Group

Luanne Canestro - Financial Aid Services

Jamie Hui - Retention Specialist - Early Childhood Education

Maria Huning - Project Director - Upward Bound

Deborah Joy - Division Assistant for Student Services

Adlofo Leiva - Director of SparkPoint

Erin Moore - Director of Professional Development and Innovation

Michelle Marquez - Vice President of Administrative Services

  • Allocates Classified Staff professional development funds to Classified Staff for conference and workshop opportunities and Cañada tuition reimbursement (this is different from the district-level tuition reimbursement)
  • Determines application and approval processes for Classified Staff to request PD funds for attending conferences and workshops and tuition reimbursements
  • Coordinates application and approval processes with district and local guidelines
  • Reviews Classified Staff conference and workshop PD applications
Classified Senate                        


Communities of Practice

Advisory                  Committee

Diva Ward

Melissa Alforja

Dan Barba

Sunny Choi

Jose Garcia

Jamie Hui

Matthew Lee

Jonathan MacSwain

Misha Maggi

Khoa Nguyen

  • Discuss best practices for different areas within campus
    • Case Managers
    • Program Managers
    • Student Support
    • Instructional Support
    • Administrative Support
    • Administrators and Supervisors          
  • Determine needs within individual communities
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Learn from one another within a supportive community                                       

Members join individual communities based on role within the college.

All Staff welcome to participate in Communities of Practice.

Advisory members selected from individual communities.


ACES Inquiry Groups

Planning Team

Rebekah Taveau - ESL Faculty & ACES Coordinator

Hannah Morrison - Basic Skills Retention Specialist

Marisol Quevedo - Student Success Retention Specialist

Erin Moore - Director of Professional Development and Innovation     

  • Increase awareness and understanding of equity and how disproportionate impact affects students' engagement, performance, and persistence
  • Increase their individual sense of agency and ability to act for student equity at the college
  • Increase ability to collaboratively work with colleagues across campus to further student success and equity
  • Increase skills in identifying problem areas, conducting studies developing and implementing interventions that address inequitable educational conditions
  • Create opportunities to share findings of studies and projects broadly across campus                                    
Planning team is identified by the Equity Coordinators and all are welcome to participate in ACES Inquiry.       


Leading from the Middle (Professional Learning Framework Team)

Allison Field - History Faculty

Melinda Ramzel - Early Childhood Education/Child Development Faculty

Trish Guevarra - Program Services Coordinator for Bridge to Opportunities Peer Mentorship Program, and Veterans Resource Opportunity Center

Erin Moore - Director of Professional Development and Innovation

Chialin Hsieh - Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness     

  • Analyze campus-wide Professional Development/Learning data
  • Determine a format for the Professional Learning Framework
  • Draft Cañada's Professional Learning Framework
  • Collect feedback on the Professional Learning Framework
  • Revise the Professional Learning Framework based on campus-wide feedback
  • Present the Professional Learning Framework final draft to PBC for approval
  • Share learning from Leading from the Middle and framework development with the Campus-wide Professional Learning Committee and other groups on campus.                                                    


Group selected by administration with the intention of representing multiple interests on campus (academic faculty, CTE faculty, Classified Staff, and management)