Committees and Groups

This page includes a list of the different Professional Learning Committees and ongoing opportunities at Cañada College.

Campus-wide Professional Learning Committee


Dave Meckler - Co-Chair, CIETL Coordinator

David Reed - Co-Chair, Interim Dean, ASLT Division

TBA - Faculty

Mallory Stevens - CBOT Faculty

Chrissy Kincer - Executive Assistant, Office of Instruction

Loretta Davis Rascon - CSEA/Classified Senate appointee

Gage Joiner - ASCC Student Representative


  • Provides input and feedback on the College Professional Learning Plan
  • Sets and assesses campus-wide professional learning goals
  • Determines campus-wide professional learning needs through a needs assessment
  • Plans themes and activities (including Flex Days) according to the campus-wide professional learning plan and employee needs
  • Evaluate professional learning activities based on participant feedback
  • Collaborate with other on-campus professional development groups
  • Identify additional tasks and responsibilities related to professional learning


Participatory Governance committee assignments:

PBC Chairs, Cabinet, and SCC advisors appoint representatives from respective areas (2 faculty, 2 staff, 1 administrator, 2 students, and the Director of Professional Development and Innovation)


Faculty Professional Development Committee

Lisa Palmer - Committee Chair - English Faculty

Vacant - Faculty Member

Denise Erickson - Art History Faculty

Nathan Staples -AFT appointee

Salumeh Eslamieh -AFT appointee

Adam Windham - Interim Dean of Science & Technology

Tammy Robinson - Vice President of Instruction
  • Allocates faculty professional development funds to faculty for conference and workshop opportunities
  • Determines application and approval processes for faculty to request PD funds for attending conferences and workshops
  • Reviews faculty conference and workshop PD applications
Academic Senate and AFT                      


Classified Professional Development Committee

Jeri Eznekier- Project Director, CAA and CWA

Maria Huning - Project Director - Upward Bound

Adlofo Leiva - Director of SparkPoint

Marisol Quevedo-Program Supervisor, Promise Scholars Program

David Reed - Interim Dean, ASLT

Jeanne Stalker-Pres. Classified Senate/CSEA

Mary Concha Thia - Interim Vice President of Administrative Services

  • Allocates Classified Staff professional development funds to Classified Staff for conference and workshop opportunities and Cañada tuition reimbursement (this is different from the district-level tuition reimbursement)
  • Determines application and approval processes for Classified Staff to request PD funds for attending conferences and workshops and tuition reimbursements
  • Coordinates application and approval processes with district and local guidelines
  • Reviews Classified Staff conference and workshop PD applications
Classified Senate and CSEA                       



ACES Inquiry Groups

Planning Team

Rebekah Taveau - ESL Faculty & ACES Coordinator

Hannah Morrison - Basic Skills Retention Specialist

Marisol Quevedo - Program Supervisor, Promise Scholars Program


  • Increase awareness and understanding of equity and how disproportionate impact affects students' engagement, performance, and persistence
  • Increase their individual sense of agency and ability to act for student equity at the college
  • Increase ability to collaboratively work with colleagues across campus to further student success and equity
  • Increase skills in identifying problem areas, conducting studies developing and implementing interventions that address inequitable educational conditions
  • Create opportunities to share findings of studies and projects broadly across campus                                    
Planning team is identified by the Equity Coordinators and all are welcome to participate in ACES Inquiry.