Integrated Planning and Budgeting

Cañada College follows an annual integrated planning and budgeting process driven by its institutional mission. This schedule for this annual process is:

Integrated Planning and Budgeting Calendar


The key elements of this process are:

How these elements relate to each other are depicted in the diagram below:

Integrated Planning and Budgeting Diagram Canada College


Annual Planning Process

Cañada College follows an annual strategic planning process that synthesizes the results of program review with sources of innovation derived from changing community needs, District or State Chancellor's Office mandates, or grants in a way that operationalizes the strategic initiatives and goals set forth in the Educational Master Plan.  The Annual (operational) Plan is shaped in the spring of each year, for implementation during the following academic year (see diagram above).  This process is integrated with the College's participatory governance structure.  The annual cycle starts with a summer Leadership Retreat in which all faculty, staff, student and administrative leaders participate and during which college priorities are discussed for the coming academic year.

  • Sets forth the activities to be implemented in one year to support the achievement of the five-year goals articulated in the Education Master Plan, which are in support of achieving the College Mission.
  • Is a synthesis of objectives, strategic initiatives, and activities of other college plans, grant deliverables, and recent mandates from the State Chancellor’s Office.

Cañada College's Annual Plans and all other college plans can be found here.