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Decisions regarding all new positions from non-temporary funding sources (Fund 1, Fund 3, Innovation, etc.) 

Approved Dec. 5, 2012; revised Dec. 16, 2015, revised and approved May 17, 2017

The table below provides an overview of the timeline and process. Detailed timelines are posted each semester on the PBC website.

Process/Steps Deadline Dates

STEP 1. Submit Proposal

Authors submit written proposals to dean/supervising administrator who forwards to VPI/VPSS. Proposals will posted on PBC website. New Position Proposal forms are located at PBC website.


STEP 2. Submit Presentations 

Authors submit PowerPoint slides to the VPSS/VPI office; presentations are posted on PBC website. 

Early November

STEP 3. Presentation & Discussion

All-governance group meeting: presentations and group discussion of strengths and weaknesses for the position proposals. All members of the college community are invited to participate in the discussion. 

Early November

STEP 4. Academic Senate Analysis of Faculty Positions

Academic Senate reviews faculty positions and makes recommendation to College President. 

Early to Mid-November

STEP 5. Review/Approve Process Integrity  

PBC evaluates and votes on integrity of process, then recommends strength/ weakness analysis to College President. This master list of position proposals and analysis informs the President’s decision. 


STEP 6.  College President Decision

College President announces decision on new positions after consultation with Cabinet. Announcement is college-wide. 

End of semester

STEP 7. Screening Process Begins 

ASGC and CSEA appoint members to screening committees. 

Late January

STEP 8. President Approves Additional Positions

As new funding becomes available, college President reviews the master position proposal list and strength/weakness analysis and selects positions for approval. President’s decision is announced college-wide. 


Until commencement of next Fall proposal process. 


Considerations for new classified/administrative staff include:

  1. specific needs and duties of the position
  2. alignment with the mission and strategic goals of the college
  3. impact on the department or division
  4. explanation of how the work will be accomplished if the position is not filled


Consideration for new faculty positions include:

  1. alignment with the mission and strategic goals of the college
  2. contribution to accomplishing program-level strategic action plans
  3. contribution to program vitality and viability
  4. evidence of student demand/enrollment/workload


New Position Proposal forms are located on the PBC website.