Decisions regarding faculty reassignment

ASGC Approved Nov. 13, 2014

Faculty at Cañada College frequently engage in extensive activities beyond what is defined in the AFT contract as expected professional responsibilities. Typically, these ‘above and beyond’ activities include faculty leadership, accreditation, research, academic support programs, and faculty development/support services. Awarding reassigned time provides faculty with greater opportunity and flexibility in their schedule to engage in these activities. Reassigned time is part of a faculty member’s workload that is subtracted from the primary instructional assignment.

Reassigned time is typically awarded in one of four conditions: (1) mandated by contract or other agreement with the District, (2) mandated by external agency or accreditation, (3) mandated by grant funding, or (4) discretionary. Awards for reassignment to non-instructional duties that fall under the three "mandated" categories are arranged between the faculty member, dean and VPI. All others must begin with completing a Request for Reassignment Proposal (RRP). Since the college values accountability, sustainability and transparency, the RRP includes clear expectations of the activities to be accomplished, measures for reporting these accomplishments, a regular cycle of review and opportunity to either renew or discontinue the reassignment. The RRP applications are reviewed by the Instructional Planning Council, which makes recommendations to the VPI.

In order to provide sufficient time to accommodate instructional faculty reassignments, all applications must be submitted to the Office of Instruction prior to the time teaching requests are submitted for schedule development.

Detailed instructions and forms are provided on the IPC website.