Decisions regarding allocation of office space

Approved Dec. 5, 2012



  • To ensure that office space be allocated equitably to meet the needs of the college and to maximize the utilization of space throughout the campus.
  • To allocate offices to full-time faculty, classified staff, and administrators according to the nature and content of the job.
  • To locate faculty and staff working in similar areas/programs or disciplines in physical proximity, if practical.
  • To have adjunct faculty share offices within each division, if practical.



  1. Division Deans, using the principles above, shall designate office spaces equivalent to the number of full-time faculty in the division.
  2. Unmet needs for additional office spaces for full time faculty are discussed with all Deans and decisions are made.
  3. The President and Vice Presidents resolve room conflicts if Division Deans are unable to come to a resolution.
  4. The President and Vice Presidents have authority to resolve conflicts for administrative offices.
  5. The President and Vice Presidents allocate office space for other parties only after the allocation of office space for faculty, classified staff, and administrators.