Documenting governance dialogue

PBC Approved 12/16/15


Publicizing agendas and minutes

Agendas of all participatory governance groups are posted on websites and emailed to the entire college community.  Those governance groups that are subject to the Open Meetings Act finalize their agendas and post them to the campus community within 72 hours of the meeting.  Note takers at these meetings strive to capture the substance of conversations with as much detail as possible.  These minutes, once approved, are posted on the respective governance group's website.


Documenting dialogue

In cases where dialogue concerning a particular significant issue is spread out over a period of months and/or occurs between multiple governance bodies, the college creates a dedicated web page documenting and tracking the conversation in chronological order with links to relevant documents including processes, timelines, meeting minutes and college-wide communications.  These pages are linked to the PBC, or other more appropriate, website.  By collating documentation that exists in disparate locations we are able to show clearly the evidence of dialogue and communication that occurs among our participatory governance groups, the campus and our community.