Decisions regarding vacancy/replacement positions

Approved Dec. 5, 2012, revised Dec. 16, 2015, revised and approved May 17, 2017


If a retirement or resignation occurs or there is a need to change a vacant faculty, staff or administrative position, a separate process is followed to review the position. This process can occur at any time during the year and is as follows:

Step 1
  • Notification of retirement or resignation, or
  • Notification of a change in a vacant position
Step 2
  • Department/Division reviews the need for the position and prepares responses to the Hiring Replacement questions listed below.
  • For vacant faculty positions, see additional recommendations delineated in Academic Senate's Faculty Vacancy Process
Step 3
  • CSEA is notified for classified positions within CSEA’s purview, such as a lateral transfer or vacancy.
  • Academic Senate discusses faculty positions, including the strategic allocation of FT faculty.
  • Cabinet reviews proposal and makes recommendation. 
Step 4
  • Position and recommendation from Academic Senate and Cabinet comes to the PBC for information/discussion recommendation to the College President 
Step 5
  • Action taken by the President


Questions to be Asked/Answered for Hiring Replacement of Non-Faculty Positions

  1. Are there any special regulations such as law, Title 5, Education Code, Student Success Initiative or accreditation standards, etc. for the position?
  2. Does the request support the goals of the Educational Master Plan or other strategic plans?
  3. Do the data indicate a demonstrated program need?