Requests for Personnel

Cañada College's Participatory Governance Manual delineates the process for requesting, prioritizing, and approving position requests.  All resource requests are made as part of the Program Review process and submitted in Improve (Nuventive) along with all other data, narratives, and required forms.  To request new positions, as distinct from replacement hires, programs must complete the additional position proposal form along with the resource request for the position in Nuventive/Improve. Review the Entering Resource Request Video and Written Guides for how to complete the form.

Templates for the new classified position proposal form and the new faculty position proposal form can be found on the Program Review templates page.

The 2022-23 Program Review Timeline approved by the Instructional Planning Council and the Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC) in spring 2022, governs the due dates for the 2022-23 academic year cycle.  The College President will announce personnel decisions as soon as possible, but no later than January.

2022-23 DRAFT SCHEDULE for New Position Presentatations on: 

Wednesday, November 16, 2:10 - 5:00 p.m. (meeting recording)

Thursday, November 17, 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. (meeting recording)

Position Request Presentation Feedback Form

President's Communication regarding Position Request Outcomes 2022-23

If you have submitted a request for a new position as part of the program review cycle this year, you will be contacted by the PBC Co-Chairs to schedule time for a 10-minute presentation during one of the above windows.

Position Classification Presentation Materials
SparkPoint Staff Assistant Classified Position SparkPoint Staff Assistant Presentation
Office Assistant II - Health Center and Personal Counseling Center Classified Position Office Assistant II, Health Center and PCC Presentation
Full-time Personal counselor (PCC) Faculty Personal Counselor (PCC) Presentation
Full-time Learning Disability Specialist Faculty Learning Disability) Specialist Presentation
Program Services Coordinator - Cultural Center & DHSI Project Coordinator Classified Position PSC Cultural Center and DHSI Project Coordinator Presentation
CWA Director (increase from 80% to 100% time) Classified Position CWA Project Director Presentation
Library Support Specialist (new, .48 permanent position) Classified Position Library Support Specialist Presentation
Professional Development Faculty Coordinator, full-time tenure track Faculty PD Faculty Coordinator Present.
Senior Planning & Research Analyst (PRIE) Classified Position Senior PRIE Analyst (upgrade of existing position) Presentation
Program Services Coordinator - Umoja (.48 permanent position) Classified Position Umoja PSC Presentation
Office Assistant II - Welcome Center Classified Position OAII Welcome Center Presentation
Financial Aid Program Services Coordinator, Financial Support Program (DHSI funded) Classified Position Financial Aid PSC Presentation
Director of Equity Classified Position Director of Equity Presentation
Admissions & Records III Classified Position A&R III Presentation
Program Services Coordinator, Degree Audit Classified Position Degree Audit Program Services Coordinator Presentation
Program Service Coordinator - COLTS-U Transfer Station/AANAPISI Grant Classified Position COLTS-U and ARC PSC Presentation
FYSI Program Services Coordinator Classified Position FYSI PSC Presentation
EOPS/PSP/FYSI full-time, tenure-track counselor Faculty EOPS, Promise, Foster Youth Counselor Presentation
Equipment Manager Classified Position Kinesiology Athletics Dance Position Presentations
Program Service Coordinator - KAD Classified Position Kinesiology Athletics Dance Position Presentations
Sports Information Director Classified Position Kinesiology Athletics Dance Position Presentations
Full-Time Tenure KINE Instructor / Head Women's Volleyball Coach Faculty Kinesiology Athletics Dance Position Presentations
Assistant Director - Promise Scholars Program Classified Position Assistant Director Promise Presentation
Retention Specialist - Promise Scholars Program Classified Position Retention Specialist Promise Presentation
Financial Aid Program Coordinator Services, Promise Classified Position Financial Aid PSC, Promise Presentation
Communications Manager Classified Position Communications Mgr. Presentation
Promotions & Web Content Coordinator Classified Position Promotions & Web Content Coordinator
College Recruiter Classified Position College Recruiter Position Presentation
Outreach Program Services Coordinator Classified Position Outreach Program Services Coordinator Presentation
Accessibility Support Specialist Classified Position Accessibility Support Specialist Presentation
Office Assistant II - Learning Center Classified Position Office Assistant II Learning Center Presentation
Learning Center Coordinator Classified Position Learning Center Coordinator Presentation
Retention Specialist (Art, Performance & Design) Classified Position Retention Specialist (Art, Design, Performance) Presentation
Retention Specialist--Science and Health Interest Area Classified Position Retention Specialist-Science and Health Presentation

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