Resource Prioritization Process

As part of its annual, integrated planning and budgeting cycle, Cañada College uses Program Review of its instructional programs, student services and administrative services to identify needed resources and prioritize them.  By linking these resource requests to an analysis of program/service effectiveness and alignment with the college mission, decision-makers can better prioritize the allocation of limited financial resources.  Each year, resource requests are compiled from Comprehensive Program Reviews and Annual Updates and submitted to Division Deans and then to the Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC) which has primary responsibility for certifying that resource requests are prioritized according to an established rubric or set of criteria.

PLEASE NOTE: Due COVID-19 and remote college operations, no instructional, student services, or administrative programs will be undertaking a comprehensive program review in 2020-21.  However, any programs requesting one-time or recurring resources (personnel or non-personnel) in the 2021-22 budget must submit an Annual Update and related documentation - see the Program Review website for more information.

Without the content normally included in the Comprehensive Program Review, the PBC decided on September 16, 2020 to suspend the use of the College's resource request rubric because programs will not be submitting adequate information for evaluators to be able to use the rubric effectively.

Instead, for the 2020-21 program review cycle only, PBC has asked that all programs requesting resources complete an Annual Update and include information sufficient for their Divisions to prioritize their requests based on:

  • How well the requested resources support this year's college strategic priorities as laid out in the College Annual Plan, and
  • How well the requested resources contribute to:
    1. closing the equity gap
    2. supporting Latinx and Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islander (AANAPISI) student success

Programs requesting resources for the 2021-22 budget must adhere to the following deadlines:

October 23, 2020:  Review your Annual Update, Goals and Resource Requests with your supervisor and submit them in TracDat/Improve

November 6, 2020: Review your supervisor's feedback and incorporate it into a final submittal of your Annual Plan in TracDat/Improve

Personnel Requests and Prioritization

Personnel requests must be included in the Annual Updates (as attachments).  These will be prioritized in the normal manner. Vacancy and replacement positions do not need to be submitted through program review and are handled through participatory governance.

Non-personnel Requests

Per the timeline for the 2020-21 Program Review process adopted by IPC on September 18, 2020 and approved by PBC, Divisions will be prioritizing all non-personnel resource requests at the Division level in January and February, 2021.

In early March, PBC will review the prioritized lists and determine if the prioritization process described above was followed properly.  It will then certify the process and forward the prioritized resource requests to the College President.



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