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Program Review at Cañada College

Program Review

Program Review is a tool used by Cañada College to determine how effective its programs and services are at helping the institution achieve its mission and vision. Program review is implemented universally throughout the College. Each year faculty, staff and administrators evaluate various metrics of performance including student achievement data, learning outcomes assessments and other data to identify areas of strength, areas in need of strategic improvement, as well as areas of inquiry to which research resources might be applied. The resulting Program Plan identifies program-specific goals and action plans. The Program Plans are reviewed by the appropriate Planning Councils and feedback is provided to the program. Over the subsequent year, programs implement their action plans and then begin a new cycle of self-assessment that leads to continuous improvement in quality.



Requests for physical, financial, human, professional development and research resources are integrated into Program Review.  All requests are evaluated in the context of the most recent Program Plan and for alignment with the appropriate institutional plans, such as the Strategic Plan and Student Equity Plan. By integrating resource requests with program review, the College makes strategic investments of its resources so as to achieve its goals, and ultimately, to improve its ability to meet students’ academic needs. By using data, research, and information the College’s various Planning Councils are able to manage institutional quality, maintain effectiveness, and encourage continuous improvement of its academic programs, student and learning support services, and administrative services.  The processes for analyzing and fulfilling Resource Requests are described on the PBC Resource Allocation page.




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