Program Review at Cañada College


Important Dates for the 2023-2024 Program Review Cycle

  • Before October 13, 2023:  Submit your completed Comprehensive Program Review or Annual Update, Goals and Resource Requests in TracDat/Improve
  • Before October 27, 2023: Deans and VPs provide feedback on submitted program reviews.
  • Before November 3, 2023: Review your supervisor's feedback and incorporate it into a final submittal of your Comprehensive Program Review or Annual Plan in TracDat/Improve

2023-2024 Program Review Schedule

  • June 15 – Nuventive/Improve and Data Dashboards open; PRIE available to provide custom data

    August Flex Day – Program Review Training open to all

    September & October Divisions/Department Meetings – Divisions or departments discuss program reviews at monthly meetings

    By October 13 – all Comprehensive Program Reviews, Annual Updates, Goals and Resource Requests DUE

    October 18 & 25 – Deans and VPs review and complete feedback for all program review materials at Cabinet meetings.

    By October 27 – Supervisors (Deans and VPs) complete their feedback on submitted program reviews

    By November 3 – All responses to supervisor feedback are due and final submittals of all program reviews and materials are DUE in Nuventive/Improve

    November 14 - Administrative Program Review Peer Review session

    November 15 & 16 – PBC Hosts Position Proposal Presentations

    November 17 – IPC Peer Review session

    November 29  – SSPC Peer Review session – special meeting

    December 7 – Senates Prioritize Position Requests

    February Division/Department Meetings – Divisions/departments meet to prioritize non-personnel resource requests

    February 7 – Counseling/VPSS Office/Enrollment Services Department Meetings to prioritize non-personnel requests

    March 15 – IPC Instructional Program Review Presentations

    March 20 – PBC receives and certifies non-personnel resource request prioritizations


Download the Program Review Timeline


Program Review Timeline as of April 5, 2023