Program Review at Cañada College

Timeline for submitting and approving Program Review and/or Resource Requests

  Responsible party Tasks to be completed no later than
September PRIE PRIE office provides standard data packets for all instructional programs
Oct - Nov Program leads Assess existing projects/program resources to determine new resource requests
Nov - Dec Program leads Submit preliminary resource requests to Dean/Administrator for review
Jan Division Deans Review requests and provide additional information if needed. Completed requests given to VPs for preliminary review by Jan 31
Feb 1- 15 VPs Provide feedback and identify missing information to program leads by Feb 15
Feb 28 Program leads Finalized program review and/or resource requests due in SPOL
Middle of March Deans Review and approve program review reports and planning objectives in SPOL and provide Dean’s perspective on the vitality of the program on the Executive Summary page
Mid March Budget office Budget office will provide program review information and prioritization rubrics to Deans, Planning Councils, and PBC
End of March Deans Deans review and prioritize Division program review resource requests
End of April Planning Councils PC members review and approve program review reports in SPOL, provide feedback using the program review feedback form, and upload the completed form to the Document Repository on the Executive Summary page
End of April Planning Councils PC members review and prioritize Division resource requests
Early May PBC

PBC members review and prioritize resource requests from Planning Councils; final list of prioritized resource requests is sent to President

May College Cabinet

Cabinet members review prioritized requests and determine funding allocations

Middle of May Vice Presidents VPs approve program review reports and planning objectives
Middle of May Program leads Authors can view completed feedback in SPOL
End of May Budget office

Program review resource requests are updated in SPOL to reflect funding decisions; notification sent to each department Program Review lead

End of June Budget office Program reviews and their feedback are published on the college website

Note: Requests for new faculty/staff positions involve completion of a supplemental application proposal and compliance with deadlines established by PBC.  Those deadlines for proposals supersede the timeline listed above.

Timeline approved by Planning and Budgeting Council 02/07/2018