Program Review Work Group

The Program Review Work Group is an on-going, cross-functional operational committee of the Cañada College Planning & Budgeting Council (PBC).  Its purpose is to help coordinate and support an effective program review process each year across instructional, administrative, and student services programs.


  • Recommend annual timeline and due dates for the program review process for IPC, SSPC, and PBC approval;
  • Facilitate and ensure regular messaging about the program review process is communicated to appropriate campus stakeholders on a timely basis;
  • Meet on a bi-weekly basis to support regular coordination occurs across instructional, administrative, and student services programs;
  • Report regularly to IPC, SSPC, and PBC.


 Membership of the Program Review Work Group includes one representative from each of the following campus constituencies to ensure representation by faculty, classified staff and administrators:

  • Academic Senate (faculty)
  • Instructional Planning Council (faculty)
  • Classified Senate (classified staff)
  • Student Services Planning Council (administrator, faculty or classified staff)
  • Instructional Technologist (Office of Instruction – by position) – serves as Work Group co-Facilitator
  • Vice President of Administrative Services (by position)
  • Dean of Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison Officer (by position) – ALO serves as Work Group co- Facilitator
Members serve two-year terms.