Allocation of Resources


The college uses Program Review of its instructional programs, student services and administrative services to identify needed resources.  By linking these resource requests to an analysis of program/service effectiveness and alignment with the college mission, decision-makers can better prioritize the allocation of limited financial resources.  Each year, resource requests are compiled from the Program Reviews and submitted to the appropriate Planning Council or committee.  Details of this process can be found by clicking on the links below or in the navigation menu.

The impact of the college's many institutional plans on college resources is also analyzed.  PBC is currently developing a standard process for documenting the costs of implementing our plan objectives.  As the process is refined and approved, more information will be presented here.


Types of Resource Allocations

Instructional Equipment Requests

Non-instructional Equipment Requests

IT Hardware/Software Requests

Facilities Requests

Measure G Allocation

Personnel Requests

Professional Development

Research Requests