Resource Prioritization Rubric

Resource Allocation Process

Cañada College uses Program Review of its instructional programs, student services and administrative services to identify needed resources.  By linking these resource requests to an analysis of program/service effectiveness and alignment with the college mission, decision-makers can better prioritize the allocation of limited financial resources.  Each year, resource requests are compiled from the Program Reviews and submitted to Division Deans and then to the Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC) which has primary responsibility for prioritizing resource requests.


In Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020 PBC created a Task Force to update the prioritization process. The Task Force's goals were to:

  • Produce a more educational conversation about resource prioritization
  • Engage in critical conversations around values and resource alignment
  • Value high impact practices and resources
  • Localize prioritization process

The revised process was approved on Jan. 29th, 2020.


Ranking Process

  1. PRE- RANKING WORK : Local decisions (not included for PBC prioritization):
    • Resources that can be funded locally, are under $500, are related to health & safety.

  2. FIRST RANK: Program OR Area (sequential order), can use updated rubric but not required.

  3. SECOND RANK: Division (sequential order), use updated rubric and spreadsheet
    • Administrative Programs
    • Academic Support, Learning & Technology
    • Business, Design & Workforce
    • Counseling
    • Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance
    • Science & Technology
    • Student Services

 The second rankings are due March 18th by 12pm.


PBC Prioritization Process

On March  18th PBC will then create a draft prioritization of all the resource requests in sequential order based on the following critical questions:

  • Contributes to closing the equity gap
  • Contributes to supporting Latinx student success

These questions will be updated each year to reflect campus needs.

PBC will share the draft priority ranking with the campus.


Division Feedback on Draft Prioritization

On April 15th Division leads are invited to share program feedback or new information related to the critical questions. At that meeting PBC will confirm the draft or (re)rank the resources. PBC will move the recommended ranking to the College President for review.



Resource Prioritization Rubric for Divisions

Resource Prioritization Form for Programs/Departments and Divisions

Note: don't include positions requests in your prioritization. Those are prioritized using a different process in the fall.



 2018-2019 Resource Request Prioritization Results