Schedule of Instructional Program Review

Programs are assigned to complete the Instructional Program Review on a three-year cycle, and a four-year cycle for CTE programs.  Comprehensive program reviews are submitted in the Fall by the programs listed for that year. Program Review presentations are held in the spring. When requesting resources in years when their comprehensive program review is not due, programs are required to submit an Annual Plan with their planning and resource requests.

Three-Year Cycle

Comprehensive Program Reviews Due Fall 2023


Comprehensive Program Reviews Due Fall 2024 Comprehensive Program Reviews Due Fall 2025
Art & Art History Astronomy & Physics   Anthropology
English Biological & Health Sciences  Career Courses
English as a Second Language Chemistry Communication Studies
Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance College for Working Adults Economics
Learning Center Distance Education Ethnic Studies
Library Earth Science History
Music Computer Science & Engineering Philosophy
Spanish Honors Transfer Program Political Science
Theatre Arts Mathematics Psychology
Umoja   Sociology

 CTE Programs Four-Year Cycle with Two-Year Mid-Cycle Review

Reviews Due Fall 2023 Reviews Due Fall 2024 Reviews Due Fall 2025 Reviews Due Fall 2026
Human Services Digital Art & Animation Computer Science & Engineering Accounting & Business

Medical Assisting

Fashion Design Cooperative Education Computer Business Office Technology
Radiologic Technology Funeral Service Education Education & Human Development Paralegal
Computer Science & Engineering (Mid-Cycle Review) Interior Design Human Services(Mid-Cycle Review) Digital Art & Animation(Mid-Cycle Review)
Cooperative Education (Mid-Cycle Review) Photonics & Laser Technology Medical Assisting(Mid-Cycle Review) Fashion Design(Mid-Cycle Review)
Education & Human Development (Mid-Cycle Review) Accounting & Business(Mid-Cycle Review) Radiologic Technology(Mid-Cycle Review) Funeral Services (Mid-Cycle Review)
  Computer Business Office Technology (Mid-Cycle Review)   Interior Design(Mid-Cycle Review)
  Paralegal(Mid-Cycle Review)    Photonics & Laser Technology(Mid-Cycle Review)

Resource Requests

Please see the All Resource Requests 2023-2024 Excel document for all departmental resource needs. 

Program Review Presentations

Programs share campus-wide presentations of their program reviews on a six-year cycle. Program presentations take place in a special Instructional Planning Council meeting in the Spring semester of each academic year.

Program review presentations can be found in the minutes of the IPC meeting where they took place.

Spring 2024 Spring 2025 Spring 2026 Spring 2027 Spring 2028 Spring 2029

Human Services

College for Working Adults Anthropology Art & Art History Astronomy & Physics Accounting & Business
Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance

Digital Art & Animation

Communication Studies English Biological & Health Science Career Courses
Learning Center Distance Education Economics English as a Second Language Computer Science Computer Business Office Technology 
Library Earth Science Ethnic Studies Music Cooperative Education Paralegal 
 Medical Assisting Engineering History Spanish Chemistry  
Radiologic Technology Fashion Design  Philosophy Theatre Arts Education & Human Development  
  Funeral Services Political Science Umoja Honors Transfer Program  
   Interior Design Psychology   Mathematics   
  Photonics & Laser Technology Sociology      

Comprehensive Program Reviews (2001 - 2014) are archived in

Annual Program Plans (2009 - 2014)  are archived in the IPC SharePoint site.