Nuventive Improve (TracDat) for Program Review

 Looking for information about assessment in Nuventive Improve?
Please visit the Nuventive Improve for Assessment page.

Nuventive Improve Login Guide


Login to Improve through the SMCCD Nuventive Improve Portal

Note 1: User login information is NOT the same as your district email credentials.  You must receive login information from Allison Hughes (

Note 2: Please use Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to access Improve. Do not use Internet Explorer.


Email Allison Hughes, Cañada's Instructional Technologist, at if you encounter the following issues:
  • You don't have Nuventive Improve login information.
  • Your department or program is not in Nuventive Improve.
  • You find any incorrect or outdated information in Nuventive Improve.


Video Guides

Logging In & Changing Your Password (3 minutes)

Best Practices for Program Review Work (3 minutes)

Using Filters & Audit Logs (2 minutes)

Entering Program Review Narratives (3 minutes)

Entering Annual Updates (2 minutes)

Entering Goals & Resource Requests (5 minutes)

Relating Documents & Links (4 minutes)

Pulling Reports (3 minutes)

Print Guides

Logging In & Changing Your Password

Best Practices for Program Review Work

Using Filters & Audit Logs

Entering Program Review Narratives

Entering Annual Updates

Entering Goals & Resource Requests

Relating Documents & Links

Pulling Program Review Reports