Nuventive Improve (TracDat) for Program Review

Login to Improve through the SMCCD Nuventive Improve Portal

 Looking for information about assessment in Nuventive Improve?
Please visit the Nuventive Improve for Assessment page.

Nuventive Improve Login Guide

Email Karen Engel in the PRIE Office at (while Allison Hughes is on maternity leave) if you encounter the following issues:
  • You don't have Nuventive Improve login information.
  • Your program review unit is not in Nuventive Improve.
  • You find any incorrect or outdated information in Nuventive Improve.


Video Guides

Logging In & Navigation Overview (3 minutes)

Entering Comprehensive Program Review (2 minutes)

Entering Annual Updates (2 minutes)

Entering Goals & Resource Requests (4 minutes)

Supervisor Feedback Form & Checklist (2 minutes)

Uploading Documents, Tables & Graphs (3 minutes)

Print Guides

Logging In & Navigation Overview

Entering Comprehensive Program Review

How to Navigate the Data Dashboards

Entering Annual Updates

Entering Goals & Resource Requests

Supervisor Feedback Form & Checklist

Uploading Documents, Tables & Graphs