Educational Master Plan College Goals

(Adopted by PBC on May 18, 2022)

College Goals

  1. Student Access, Success and Completion 
    Cañada College ensures student access to relevant and transformative student services and instructional programs that are inclusive, diverse, equitable, and antiracist. As an institution, Cañada contributes to the financial stability of students to empower them to pursue personal, academic, professional, and civic goals. Cañada College continuously assesses processes and removes barriers to student access, success, and completion. 
  2. Equity-Minded and Antiracist College Culture 
    Cañada College transforms its culture to be equity-minded and antiracist. Our teaching, learning, and services create a sense of belonging among all community members so they are able to recognize that their unique selves are valued, express themselves fully, and thrive. Our educational practices reflect the fundamental importance of individualized learning experiences, the shared building of knowledge, and promoting social justice at Cañada College.
  3. Community Connections 
    Cañada College establishes equity-minded partnerships with other educational institutions, employers, governments, and community-based organizations that result in seamless pathways for high school students transitioning to college, college students transitioning to university, and all community members pursuing career, and lifelong educational opportunities. 
  4. Accessible Infrastructure and Innovation 
    College financial resources are well managed in support of the College’s values and to provide accessible physical and virtual spaces that promote continuous innovation and excellence in teaching and learning. Cañada’s investments in physical, technological and transportation infrastructure create sustainable, equitable access to the College and support equitable educational outcomes across the diverse members of the community we serve.