Student Services Programs

Before You Arrive

  • Steps to Success: Your guide to essential steps to completing registration, applying for financial aid, and obtaining supplies for classes.
  • Placement: Get your ESL Testing and Course Placement.
  • Orientation: Receive a special workshop to learn about entering the college.
  • Welcome Center: Your one stop shop for all college questions.

Support When You Get Here 

Academic Support

  • Academic Counseling Center Services: Counseling services for Academics, Transfer, Career, & Personal.
  • Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM): The mission of Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM), a community for men of color, is to empower and support male identified students from diverse backgrounds in their academic, personal, and career growth.
  • College for Working Adults (CWA): College for Working Adults (CWA) is an innovative academic degree program that helps working adults juggle their academic life, family, and career with a degree program that works with your schedule. 
  • Colts-U-Transfer Center: Students interested in transferring to a four-year college or university may use Transfer Services to research universities, majors, academic requirements, college costs, and other transfer matters. Resources include college catalogs, college directories, articulation information, and access to PROJECT ASSIST, a self-guided site that provides general education, major and course equivalency information.
  • Community of Learning Through Sports (COLTS): Participation in COLTS is designed to help student athletes take advantage of academic resources on campus, and to help them to build strong study skills, communication skills, and writing abilities with the goal of improving their overall educational performance.
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC): Ensures educational access so that students with disabilities have every reasonable opportunity to meet their educational goals, provide educational support so that students with disabilities can demonstrate their skills, and create a learning environment in which students with disabilities may become independent, interdependent and integrated in our global community.
  • Interest Areas: Important connections with program peers, faculty and advisors. Find your Success Team!
  • Learning Center: Assistance includes peer and professional tutoring, workshops and technological support.
  • Library: A great quiet place to study, research, check out books, and print.
  • Printing Services (SkyGAP): Skyline College Bookstore's Graphic Arts & Production (GAP) department offers high quality photocopying (black & white or color) and production services to the entire Skyline College and SMCCD community.
  • Promise Scholars Program: The Promise Scholars Program is a comprehensive program that supports first time, full time students at Cañada College. We aim to help scholars reach their educational goal within two to three years through financial, counseling, and retention support.
  • Puente: The Puente Project is a national award-winning transfer program that has improved the college-going rate of tens of thousands of California’s educationally underrepresented students since 1981.
  • STEM Center: Fosters the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and to support students pursuing their education in STEM. We offer extensive programs, services and academic support for all students taking STEM courses, as well as a collaborative space for study groups, tutoring, and STEM club meetings.
  • TRiO Student Support Services Program: Our goal is to provide an academic, social, and personal support system for first-generation, low-income, and/or students with disabilities, to assist them with certificate and degree college requirements, the transfer process and to motivate them towards a successful completion of their college education.
  • UMOJA: The Cañada College Umoja Community is a learning and transfer support program designed to enhance the educational experiences of African American students by implementing pedagogical principles and practices that benefit all students.
  • Undocumented Community Center (UCC): A resource center and safe space for undocumented students and allies. Please come visit us!

Financial Support

  • CalWORKs’ Program: California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs) program at Cañada College offers CalWORKs recipients with additional support services to assist in their quest for a college education or employment.
  • Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE): A state funded program that helps single parents receiving county assistance from CalWORKs and TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, formerly AFDC) succeed in college.
  • Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS): a state funded program that aims to help low-income and educationally disadvantaged students succeed in college.
  • Financial Aid: Get support in paying for college.
  • Promise Scholars Program: The Promise Scholars Program covers tuition, student fees, textbook and counseling support for the first year of college.
  • SparkPoint: SparkPoint at Cañada College is a one-stop financial coaching and education center where students and community members access a full range of free services that lead towards financial stability. Services include one-on-one financial education, a full service food pantry, legal clinic and access to public benefits. All services are free and open to students and the community.

Community Support and Mentorship

  • ARC Transfer Pathway Program: Cañada is an Asian American, Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution (AANAPISI). The ARC Transfer community serves Asian American, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI), first-generation, low-income students. We provide peer mentorship, transfer support, and culturally relevant events centering the AANHPI experience.
  • Associated Students of Cañada College (ASCC) and Student Life: Join Student Senate to create community on campus, or find community by joining a club
  • Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI): Supports the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) statewide FYSI outreach and retention efforts to better serve current and former youth while studying at Cañada College.
  • Guided Pathways Peer Mentor Program: Get support in your educational endeavors by receiving a student mentor.
  • International Student Center: The International Student Center (ISC) provides individualized services to international students, so they can achieve their personal, educational, and professional goals.
  • Veterans Services: Approved to certify veteran students under the G.I. Bill who are pursuing an AA/AS degree, an approved transfer program, or a certification of completion.

Health Support

  • Cultural Center: Our mission is to create spaces of healing, joy, and critical engagement through learning, awareness, and advocacy that empower the campus community to become culturally responsive advocates for justice and liberation.
  • Food Services: A list of food services available around campus for students and the community.
  • Health Center: Receive First Aid treatment for illnesses and injuries, over-the-counter medications, testing/screenings, and more.
  • Personal Counseling Center (formerly Psychological Services Program): We offer a safe and trusting environment to facilitate mental health care by providing the following type of supportive psychotherapy for registered students at no charge.

Job Support

  • Career Center: Assists students to develop and carry out both short- and long-term employment and career goals.