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Professional Learning Plan Process

In the spring of 2017, the College Professional Learning Committee established the following timeline and tasks for drafting the College Professional Learning Plan:   

February 2017

Draft PL EMP Strategic Initiatives (PL Plan Goals)

Review sample PL Plans from other institutions

Review data from 2014 PD brainstorming and 2016 PD discussions

Create a working draft of the PL Plan

Sample plan comments

Brainstorming & discussion notes

Draft goals and objectives



March 2017

Review first draft (working draft) of the PL Plan - PL Committee

Revise goals, objectives, and strategies/actions

Collect feedback from College Council, Classified Senate, Academic Senate

Focus on goals, objectives, and strategies/actions

PL Plan Working Draft

Draft goals and objectives with discussion notes

Presentation from College Council, Classified Senate & Academic Senate

Preliminary feedback from College Council, Classified Senate, & Academic Senate

 April 2017

Collect feedback on the working draft from Cabinet

Revise working draft into draft 2

Engage shared governance representatives to collect feedback on draft 2 from divisions and campus committees

Set up College-wide anonymous online feedback survey for draft 2 (completed by April 21)

Revise and finalize PL Plan

Submit PL Plan to PBC (by April 26) for initial feedback and approval

Draft 2 Goals and Objectives

Draft 2 Goals and Objectives with discussion  notes

College Feedback


 May 2017

Gather initial feedback from PBC May 3

Revise draft based on PBC feedback

Anticipated PBC approval May 17

Updated Draft

List of changes made to draft